Five Generations Dessert (五代同糖)

Having finished dinner at K11 Art Mall we decided to go somewhere for dessert and since we were close by we went to Five Generations Dessert (五代同糖). This was a place in Hong Kong I wanted to try and so maybe because everyone was thinking the same that when we arrive at the Tsim Sha Tsui branch there was a crowd of people on the street waiting for a table.

It is fairly small shop so it was no surprise that there would be a queue, especially when it was the time that many people like us had finish dinner and had decided to move somewhere else for dessert such as Five Generations Dessert. If you want to avoid the queue then as with any busy restaurants you need to go at a time when people are less likely to go.

We waited about half a hour before we got a table for two by the window. I thought it was a great view to see everyone outside waiting for a table, and at the same time they were looking at me eating my yummy desserts.

If I had a big enough stomach then I probably could have ordered almost everything on the menu to try since it all look so tasty. But since we only had a limited size stomach we choice to try some of their signature dishes.

Egg pudding (雞蛋布丁) which you have the choice to order one that comes in a glass cup or like us order a box of six which are served in egg-shell. It is an interesting and refreshing way of presenting this dessert.

The egg pudding is a cold dessert where the pudding seem to have been set in the egg-shells. You can see in the pudding what I believe is black specks from vanilla pods, which looks like black pepper. The pudding had a smooth texture with infused flavours of vanilla.

Although I did wonder maybe having six egg puddings between the two would have been too much, having also ordered a second dessert. But actually it was not the case, it was to my surprise a light dessert. Between us we had three each but I could have had the whole box to myself.

Our second dessert was another signature dish, which is the chocolate fondant (心太軟) served with a scoop of ice cream. You can choose the flavour of the ice cream and we had it with green tea ice cream, although the best combination I would suggest is to have it with vanilla flavoured ice cream.

Once I broke open the soft chocolate sponge, a flow of chocolate lava came out. This is so far my favourite chocolate fondant as it sweetness has pitched it just right, as it was sweet but not overly sweet that many chocolate fondant are. Some might prefer it bit more sweeter but to me it was just perfect.

The prices for the desserts are reasonable and is competitive with many other popular desserts restaurants in Hong Kong. I do hope that the next time I am in Hong Kong I will still get the chance to try more desserts that is being served at Five Generation Dessert.

The branch I visited is only just one out of the few branches that has opened in Hong Kong.

Five Generations Dessert (五代同糖)
Shop 8, G/F, BCC Buildling,
25-31 Carnarvon Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong



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