Chee Kee (池記) – Mong Kok

I seem to find myself visiting Chee Kee when I am back in Hong Kong, although each time I prefer to visit new places.

Yet again I was searching for food late in the evening where many restaurants are taking last orders. Although being Mong Kok you are bound to find something to eat any time of the day. However, we settled on Chee Kee which was still buzzing with people although it should be near to closing time.

The menu is a simple table map, where you get set A, set B, set C etc. You can choose to build on it to have a side dish which could include vegetable, snack or dessert. Also with paying extra you can also have the meal come with a drink.

Chee Kee (HK)

I order my usual which is Chee Kee’s wonton noodle soup and a side dish of vegetable.

Chee Kee (HK)

In many resturants like Chee Kee you can order a similar side dish of vegetable but it usually come in portion size that requires sharing. However as the set meal are meant to be for one. I can get a portion that is suitable for one at Chee Kee.

Chee Kee (HK)

I love drinking fresh Soya milk and it always so accessible when I am in Hong Kong. So I got a hot Soya milk with my set meal for an extra few dollars. In total my meal only cost around about 50 HK dollars.

Chee Kee (HK)

At the time we were there, Chee Kee had two new items and one was the chicken with vegetable rice (貴妃雞菜飯). The dish came in a little wooden barrel which is commonly known to be use for tofu dessert in Hong Kong, but it is also used to serve steamed rice as well. The dish was corn-fed chicken with Chinese mushroom, served on a bed of steamed rice mixed with chopped vegetable.

The size of the barrel could make this a good sharing portion for two. Although it can also be for one depending how hungrey you are.

Chee Kee (HK)

The dish was slightly more expensive than there average dishes. But just lik the other dishes it can be ordered like a set meal, so you can order a side dish to go with it like this breaded pork served with black pepper sauce.

Chee Kee (HK)

Chee Kee (池記) – Mong Kok branch
Shop 10, Level 4, Langham Place,
8 Argyle Street,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong



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