Kula Cafe

Today has to be so far London best weather where temperature reached up to 24 degree celsius it was definitely warm but with a nice breeze blowing. It made for great for ice cream, so I went down to Kula cafe for ice cream and waffle. It is situated behind Selfridges that is near Bond street where there are many dining restaurants around the area.

At Kula you can get Swedish waffles, although I am no expert in the difference from Belgium to Swedish waffles. We ordered a Swedish waffles sundae which was waffle with a scoop of ice cream of our choice, then drizzle with chocolate sauce and sprinkle with icing sugar.

The waffle itself was soft and was not sweet so made a great combination with the chocolate sauce and icing sugar.

As well as sweet waffles, Kula also offer a range of savoury waffles including an egg benedict waffle. I have had savoury pancake but not waffle so would be interesting to try one day.

As well as fresh waffles, Kula also produces freshly made waffle ice cream cones. You can smell the aroma when you arrive at the cafe. A young lady sitting at the round table making batches of ice cream cone. I decided to try one of the crispy waffle cones with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

Kula Cafe
21 James Street



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