The Meat and Wine Co (Westfield London)

After a few hours shopping in London’s Westfield shopping centre it was time for dinner. We decided to try out The Meat & Wine Co which is located at the Southern Terrace near the Waitrose end. Downstairs is a bar called PUZA which is part of the restaurant, and then upstairs is the restaurant itself. While being taken to our table we walked through the restaurant passing the open kitchen I felt like I had walked in to a hotel.

The Meat & Wine Co is a steakhouse restaurant but it has an African feel to the place, from the decoration to the menu. It was a buzzing restaurant where there was a few tables that was celebrating birthday on the night. It made a good group venue.

We ordered a portion of garlic bread (£3.50) and Boerewors (£9.50) to share between three for the starters. The Boerewors was a beautifully presented dish that is grilled African beef sausage that is served on a pap with BBQ relish. Pap is a type of maize which we were explained is similar to polenta, but actually Pap was like mashed potato but bit more solid and did not have much taste. However the taste was brought by the African beef sausage which had an aroma flavour to it, along with the BBQ relish which tasted like a non-spicy Peri-Peri sauce (although I found it tasted like my mum’s Szechuan sauce but non-spicy). To enjoy this dish you have to eat the sausage with the Pap and the BBQ relish together, since each ingredient flavours compliment each others.

The garlic bread was average and definitely was not the highlight of the evening.

The menu had various interesting dishes that I could have choice to have as mains, including a small selection of game meat such as crocodile skewer. The pork three ways which as it says has three different part of pork (pork belly, pork loin and pork osso) each marinated differently also took my fancy. You are spoilt with choice of meat (beef, chicken, pork and lamb), but even those who do not fancy having meat can enjoy from a selection of seafood as well as a small selection of vegetarian dishes.

Since being a steakhouse I ordered from the selection of beef steak on the menu. The restaurant serves three different selection of beef – USA beef, English beef and Namibia beef. The menu itself has a page explaining about the different selection of beef and then also the different parts of beef such as rib-eye, sirlon, fillet, rump and T-bone. The full range was mainly from English beef with various weight of the meat to choose. I choice the English beef New Yorker (sirloin) which came in 200g, 300g and 400g. As you will expect as it gets heavier the prices also increases. I choice the 200g sirlon (£19.00) which definitely was enough for my stomach. All beef steak dishes are served with hand cut chips but I changed mine to be served with mashed potatoes. With it I added £2.00 to have a creamy mushroom sauce to go with it, although there is a range of other sauces to choose including green peppercorn, creamy garlic, peri-peri, portuguese, blue cheese & vodka, béarnaise, BBQ relish etc.

I had my sirloin medium cooked and it was a nice piece of cooked steak. The meat was tender that could almost melt in my mouth. It went beautifully with the creamy buttery mashed potatoes and the mushroom sauce which had slices of mushroom in it.

There is also a selection of pork and beef ribs which come in half or full rack that is served with potato chips. The half rack pork ribs that weight 500g (£17.00) is a portion enough for one person, and we were glad we did not decide to go for the full rack of ribs.

Although we were full, the dessert menu was too attractive not to order something to finish off our meal. We decided to go for the chef tasting platter (£12.00) which contains a sample of chocolate fondante, Baileys creme brulee, malva pudding, mango sorbet and chef’s secret sundae. This is excellent sharing dessert as well a great way to taste bits of the dessert menu.

Starting from the top going through clockwise of the photo below is the chocolate fondante which is a warm chocolate sponge filled with a liquid chocolate centre. Next was the chef’s secret sundae which had this hard secret block (guessing it is a chocolate) with cream, chocolate sauce and ice cream. Then more towards the centre is the malva pudding which is apparently Nelson Mandela’s favourite pudding. This is a warm apricot sponge which was like a sticky toffee sponge pudding. Right to the bottom of the photo is the Baileys creme brulee which I could not taste the Baileys, it was like a normal creme brulee. Finally towards the right is the mango sorbet that was in a dark chocolate cup.

The service was nice and friendly from the moment we walked in to the restaurant. It would be a place I would visit again but definitely not a every day dining place since it can be expensive. We had a main each, sharing the starters and dessert. Including the non-alcoholic drinks our bill came with 12.5% service charge that worked out just under £40 per person for 3 people.

Prices are correct at the time I was dining.

The Meat & Wine Co (Westfield London shopping centre – Southern Terrace)
Westfield London
Unit 1026,
Ariel Way,


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