Del’Aziz (Swiss Cottage branch) – Breakfast

You will probably have heard that breakfast is one the most important part of preparing for the day. I would have to agree with that because when hunger strikes then my mind seem to focus its attention to food. But with many people living a busy life then we do not always get the time to sit down to have a nice cooked breakfast.

Weekends is usually for many of us a day off and this will probably mean that we would choose to sleep in, and not many would get up early to go out for breakfast. I am probably one of them but there have been weekends where I go to Del’Aziz for breakfast before doing my weekly exercise.

Del’Aziz (Swiss Cottage branch) serves a breakfast menu at certain times. They have a range of breakfast dishes to suit everyone. You can go for a full English breakfast that contains sausages, egg (choice of poach, scramble or fried), toast, bacon, mushroom, and fresh tomatoes. The full English breakfast (£8.75) is a nice filling breakfast which you get the choice how you want your egg to be cooked – scramble, fried or poached. I prefer to have my egg poached since I can have a runny yolk as sauce which make a piece of toast less dry. The sausage has an aroma taste to it which some like and some probably would not prefer. The toast is thick white bread which reminded me of Japanese bread that I do miss. Japanese white bread are very thick cuts and when you toast them they are soft and crispy.

There is a vegetarian version of full breakfast which replaces the sausages and bacon with foul moudammas (white beans) and spinach.

Another recommended choice would be the Del’Aziz version of eggs benedict (£7.95), which is Moroccan muffins with ham that is topped with two poached egg and covered in hollandaise sauce. The Moroccan muffins is actually pancake/hot cake which was a nice version of eggs benedict.

As well as eggs benedict there is also the egg royale which is similar but instead of the ham it is replace with salmon. If you prefer a sweet pancake then there is the Berber pancakes which is Moroccan pancake with honey and almond.

Another interesting option is the egg Florentine that will suit vegetarian. It is toasted brioche with spinach, kasaar cheese, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

If you prefer something less adventurous then there is the option of omelette or eggs on toast. The restaurant also serves fruit salads and even Southern Alps Muesli bowl.

Any of these goes beautiful with a cup of warm apple tea, which is like having a warm apple juice. But of course even a glass of cold juice, tea or coffee would go just as nice

If breakfast seem too early for you on a weekend or weekday then there is the option to go to Del’Aziz for brunch, since breakfast is served from 8am-5pm. Then from Monday-Friday 5pm-10pm the Swiss Cottage branch serves dinner with a range of burgers, mezze and other mediterranean dishes. The dinner menu choice is not as extensive as other branches but there is still a good selection.

Prices correct at the time of dining.

Del’Aziz (Swiss Cottage branch)
Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre,
Adelaide Road,


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