You can find many things to eat at Westfield shopping centre in London City. So you can have your lunch and dinner all there in a day, between shopping. Although car park users need to beware of the money leaking away in temporary housing your car there.

I have tried variety of food available at Westfield shopping centre, from the balcony (food court) to the southern terrace. Today I am going to share with you Crepeaffaire which is located right next to the food court in Westfield shopping centre. You can enjoy varieties of  savory and sweet crepes.

Although sweet pancake are nice, these days I have become fond on savoury crepes. So when it came to choosing one from Crepeaffaire menu it was no surprise that I look straight to the savoury section. There is variaty of savoury crepes to choose including Classic (ham and cheese), The Londoner (scramble egg, bacon and cheese), The Brazilian (ham, cheese, pineapple), New York Deli (salmon, cream cheese, chives), Veggie Delight (tomato, spinach, mushroom, cheese), Marguerita (cheese, tomato sauce, oregano) and many more.

I choice the Chicken Supreme (marinated chicken, cheese, tomato, mushrooms, spinach) which you have the choice to have it with bacon for extra change. But I opted to have it without the bacon.

All crepe are prepared by a machine, which seem to looses that touch of freshly hand prepared crepe. I remember when I would often go to John Lewis food court to eat crepe (known on John Lewis menu as pancake), where I had the pleasure to watch the staff pour the batter on the crepe griddle and using a batter spreader to swirl it round to shape it out. The smell was wonderful! However, at Crepeaffaire they do reheat the crepe on the crepe griddle since they need to add toppings and fold it together but suppose does not have that same pleasure.

My crepe was just about warm but the topping was luke warm, and it felt like eating a warm salad. Although, I prefer my filling to be warmer the Chicken Supreme crepe was tasty. They combination of the filling was good.

At the Crepeaffaire in Westfield shopping centre you place your order at the counter which will serve you your drinks and give you a pager. The pager will vibrate to let you know when your crepe is ready to collect at the counter.

A crepeaffaire pancake does not come cheap, as my Chicken Supreme crepe cost me £5.70. If I was hungry then I probably need to have two crepes to fill my stomach. But it make a great light lunch or snack.

If I ever do get the opportunity I might try one of Crepeaffaire’s sweet crepes. The choices includes the simple butter and sugar, or Belgian Chocolate (choice of milk, dark or white chocolate), Nutella, Bananalicious (banana with Belgian chocolate) etc.

Crepeaffaire (Westfield Shopping centre branch)
Westfield London
1st floor (adjacent to The Balcony Food Court)
Ariel Way
White City
London W12


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