Bibimbap Soho

Korean food is one cuisine that I do like and that includes the famous Bibimbap, which is a rice dish that is served in a hot stone bowl. So it is exciting to find out that in London there is a shop that specialise in serving bibimbap. It is located on the quiet Greek Street in London Soho, and so without being ask to give them a try I would have not know about this London hidden gem.

We arrived at the place to see a busy restaurant but fortunately no waiting time, so we got a seat at the bar table where we had the view of the wall stuck with many Polaroid photos of customers that have dine at Bibimbap Soho. Each one of the photos have their individual message. The whole restaurant wall almost seem covered with Polaroid photos which goes well with the modern feel of the place. It gave me that friendly and happy atmosphere.


Since it is about bibimbap, we ordered a bibimbap each. There are varieties of bibimbap to choose, so whether you like beef, chicken, pork, seafood or just vegetables there will be something to suit everyone. I went for dol sot that is a bibimbap with cucumber, white radish, bean sprouts, carrots,  shiitake mushroom and a fried egg.


To eat bibimbap you use your spoon or your chopstick to mix up all the ingredients with the rice. You have the option to add sauce before or after mixing. Usually when I order a bibmbap it will be added with Korean chilli sauce but at Bibimbap Soho you have two different sauce (Korean chilli sauce and Miso sauce) in a squeeze bottle. The miso sauce has a lot of flavour and is great for those who prefer non-spicy food. However, you could do what I did, which is to mix both the chilli sauce and miso paste sauce. The bibimbap is then spicy and full of flavour from the miso sauce. Ma-si-sseo-yo!


Fillet Beef bibmbap which is similar to the dol sot but instead of the fried egg it has raw beef fillet on top. The magic of this one that when you mix all the beef, vegetable and rice the raw beef fillet will be cooked in the hot stone bowl.



Since our first time visting we did not want to just try the bibimbap in which we also ordered two side dishes.

Seafood Pancake which also known as par jeon.


Jap Chae which is pan-fried Korean glass noodle.


Bibimbap Soho is a nice place to have a bibimbap for casual lunch or dinner. It is not expensive place to dine as the bibimbap is under £10, so if you looking for a cheap place to have dinner then consider Bibimbap Soho.

Bibimbap Soho
11 Greek Street


4 thoughts on “Bibimbap Soho

  1. Oh that food is gorgeous!
    Can you reccomend a good Korean cook book.
    It’s so hard to find a good one unless you’ve had the authentic taste.

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