Caffe Concerto (Westfield shopping centre – The Village)

I have always wanted to visit the Caffe Concerto in Westfield shopping centre that is located in The Village area. When I saw the photos of the restaurant it remind me of Hong Kong. It had a classy look which goes well that it is situated in the “Posh” area of Westfield shopping centre – The Village.

The first time when I visited this branch was with a group of girl friends. For a friend’s birthday we went for a massage and facial before we headed to Caffe Concerto at The Village for tea to have some cakes.

Although Caffe Concerto is probably well-known for their cakes you could consider it for main course. Also from 7pm onwards on some days there will be live music performance. It makes a good place to have dinner with friends or for a romantic date. I have always wanted to eat and listen to live pianist perform and finally got a chance on one weekend evening while shopping in Westfield shopping centre. That evening we had a live classical jazz pianist and vocalist performing. He sang songs including Micheal Buble song ‘I haven’t met you yet’ which was a great song to dedicate to valentine day.

We were offered the main menu as well as a set menu which was a choice of a 2 or 3 course meal. It seem more value in money for us to go for the set meal so I went for the 3 courses, which started with the butterflies breaded king prawn that was served with sweet and sour dip. There was other choice of starters to choose including the soup of the day or salad. But I felt like seafood that evening in which I choice the king prawn. The dipping is actually sweet chilli dip, so a bit misleading on the menu, but when it comes to Chinese food it is difficult to hide the real truth from my taste buds.

The main there was a choice of having pasta, chicken or lamb on the set menu. The tagliatelle pesto with mushroom was nice which would have been an option I was going to order.

However, I was having a seafood craving that evening that I instead went for the salmon steak served with spinach, baby potatoes in a lemon butter sauce. As well as spinach it came with some green beans, carrots and broccoli. The dish was OK but would had prefered if the top of the salmon was not so crispy as I like my salmon to be moist. However the combination with the batter sauce was a great combination. It was a tasty sauce that I would had like more.

We then finished off our meal with dessert which you get the choice of cheesecake, Black forest gateau or Tiramisu.

The black forest gateau is not the same one that I know from other bakery which usually has cherry in it. But instead the one at Caffe Concerto had fruit salad.

Caffe Concerto (Westfield Shopping Centre: The Village Branch)
Westfield Shopping Centre
Ariel Way,
W12 7GE


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