Cafe De HK (香港茶餐廳)

Sometime a simple meal can bring just as much pleasure as an expensive on. Therefore, you do not always have to go to the top restaurant to find a decent meal and it is not always the case that you will come out feeling full. So a meal at Cafe de HK located in London Chinatown might be simple but it does not go overboard in breaking my piggy bank. At the same time it brings back memories and one that was the topic over dinner.

Cafe de HK has been opened for many years and there was a period where I would come here often. But it must be after a few years since I last came to Cafe de HK. When you come here you can feel that you have flown to Hong Kong. It like sitting at one of Hong Kong’s cafe restaurant having what is known as Chinese fast food and where you could be sharing tables with unknown diners.

When you are in a cafe in Hong Kong then you have to try Hong Kong styled milk tea (港式奶茶). It has such a different to a normal English milk tea since it is more smooth and milky. If you do not want to go as far as Hong Kong then you can order one at Cafe de HK.

My all time favourite dish at Cafe de HK has to be their Hong Kong styled baked spaghetti meat sauce (港式肉醬意粉). I got to say I prefer it more than a traditional Italian spaghetti bolongnese.

However, on this very evening I decided to go for the Hong Kong styled baked pork rice (焗港式豬扒飯). This is pork chopped on egg fried rice and covered with a tomatoe based sauce.

I had this with a hot lemon honey tea, which is great for such a cold London evening.

For one of these dish and drink it cost each person all under £10 (including service charge), which we had as a set dinner.

Cafe De HK (香港茶餐廳)
47-49 Charring Cross Road,


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