Fine Burger (O2 Centre)

This has been lately my weekend hang out with a group of badminton friends. Yes, after running around the court it seem to give me an excuse that I can have a burger. However it is not any burger it is Fine Burger which according to the company serve handmade burger. I have not seen many branches of Fine Burger, actually the only one I have seen is the one located in Finchley Road O2 Centre of north west London. The restaurant is funky where there are seats with computer screen that provide you a menu and also games to keep children occupy. If you do not get to eat at a computer screen then you are offer a A3 menu.

There is a choice of drink including smoothies, juice, wine, beer and bottomless soft drink. I usually like to go for a milkshake which comes in various flavours – strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, Oreo and peanut butter etc. The milkshake comes in a large metal cup that is ice-cold. So cold that it will have frost on the cup. The milkshake is fairly thick and full of flavour.

We can all guess what food is served by its name Fine Burger, so no point stating the obvious. It is another what I call “Posh Burger”, just like GBK, Byron and Gourmet Burger. The majority of the burgers on the menu are beef, with also selection of chicken, lamb and veggie burger. It is missing a fish or seafood burger but I have hardly seen this type of burger in the UK, unlike in Asia.

My current favorite Fine Burger has to be their Swissroom which is a beef burger with a grilled mushroom, Emmental cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and mayo.

Like a steak you get to choose how you want you burger to be cooked – rare, medium, well done or even blue if you brave enough to go for raw mince meat. I prefer mine medium cooked  since the beef burger is cooked but not over cooked.

If it is a day when I do not feel like beef then I like to go for Fine Burger’s BBQ Chicken & Bacon. It is a chicken fillet burger with bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and topped with smokey BBQ sauce. The chicken fillet is cooked just right so it still contains some juice to it, just like how they cook their beef burger.

With any of the burgers you have the choice to order on its own or add £3.50 on top to make it as a Combos which is a meal combination, where you can have with it 50/50 sides and a choice of dip to go with the burger. Mine is usually tempura onions ring and house chopped salad. I need to try to keep it healthy with a bowl of salad that contains chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and mixed greens, topped with salad sauce. Other sides choices are frites or hand cut chips.

There are variety of burgers to choose from the basic to some exciting combination such as the Catalan where it include a beef burger with chorizo, piquilo pepper and rocket. But if none of the ready set burger take your fancy then you can make your own burger.

If you prefer something light you can call a bread free burger salad. This is the burger without the bread on a bed of salad. You can choose a chicken, beef or veggie burger with your bread burger salad.

But if you think a single beef burger is not enough then you could go for ‘The Heartbreaker’, which is a triple beef burger with double bacon and filled with pickles, jalapenos, mushroom, lettuce, onion and tomato. The name has to say it all……

It is definitely a whooping tall heartbreaking burger. But my stomach is not big enough to go through a triple beef burger, even if I was heart-broken.

 If you are still hungry for more food and too lazy to go else where for dessert, then Fine Burger have a small selection to choose. We had a try of what was on the menu as chocolate souffle. But what came to our table what I know as a chocolate fondue.

Fine Burger (O2 Centre)
1st floor, O2 Centre
255 Finchley Road


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