Haz (Premier Place)

It was a coincident when I discovered Haz in 2010. I was elephant hunting nearby one day and the aroma of food from the restaurant caught my senses. So when asked to think of a restaurant to arrange a pre-Christmas dinner and preferably nearby Liverpool street, Haz came in mind.

There are many branches around the City of London and for convenient to Liverpool Street we booked a table at Premier Place on Cutler Street. Right next to this branch is Haz wine and & dine restaurant which on their website is advertised on Houndsditch. Both are located nearby to Kazan City that I went to when I was invited for a friend’s birthday. My review of Kazan City can be found on the following link https://chechemui.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/kazan-city-restaurant/.

Both Kazan City and Haz serves Turkish restaurant, but both has its own differences. Haz reminded me more of Taz (a Turkish restaurant franchise), but unlike Kazan City it felt less grand and more contemporary. Since we were there for an evening meal the restaurant had a dim lighting setting which seem what made the restaurant seem smaller but brought more warmth than in the daytime. You get a different feel in having lunch and dinner.

As we were there for Christmas each one had a Christmas menu and unless we ask we were not offered the main menu. Half of us ordered from the Christmas menu while others ordered for the main menu which also have various 2 or 3 set menu to choose.

I went for the 3 course Christmas menu for £17.50 which started off with Manca – spinach and yoghurt with garlic. There are various starters that you can choose but since none of them took my fancy so I randomly went for one and it was Manca. You really need to like natural yoghurt and the sour taste of lemon, to enjoy this starter. Although it makes a nice dipping.

There was a great choice of main for the second course. I went for the lamb tagine which was served in a more contemporary way instead of coming in a tagine which was disappointing. But the dish itself was lovely with the lamb that was soft enough to fall off the bones. It was full of flavours from the prunes, apricots, vegetable and almonds.

It came served with a bowl rice which I think many of us found the portion small. Maybe due to culture different, since we love our rice with our dishes. But I suppose here it compliment the main dish.

Others on the table also order some tasty dishes which was available on the same Christmas menu I had, which includes Vegetarian Mousakka that is layers of grilled aubergine, onions, courgettes, potatoes, tomatoes and cheese. Also the Mixed Grill, which comes with Chicken, lamb and kofte that is served with rice.

I finish my meal off with Baklava for dessert and for those who do not know what Baklava, it is filo pastry with pistachio and syrup. It is a sweet and nutty dessert which I remember previously having at Tas Turkish restaurant. The Christmas version of Baklava was different to the main menu, and that gets the thumbs up. The one I got on the Christmas menu came with apricot and ice cream which was a great combination. But the Baklava on the main menu comes on its own with more pieces, when I only had one. However one is enough for me since too much can be too sweet.

With my dessert I ordered an apple tea from the selection of aromatic tea. This was lovely to have on a cold December evening. It was full of flavour and was like drinking a hot apple juice. I need to find some to have at home so if anyone know where I can get some apple tea in UK then do let me know.

Haz (Premier Place)
9 Cutler Street,
E1 7DJ



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