Kitchen & Pantry (Chiswick)

While looking for a place to sit for a snack in the area of Chiswick, we came across a coffee shop – Kitchen & Pantry. It is a change from your brand name coffee shop like Starbuck or Costa. I felt so relax sitting at this coffee shop, that I could be here all afternoon reading a book or writing. Then from time to time look out to the high street of Chiswick.

Although it is a coffee shop, none of us ordered a coffee. Instead we went for a hot chocolate or for one of their freshly pressed juice. I was hoping to have a pear drink but they did not have any that day so I went for the apple juice. Indeed the juice was freshly pressed with no added preservatives, only straight from the fruit itself. It was a nice sweet tasty apple juice which came with an adorable froth on top.

In addition a friend ordered a ginger oak cookie to share. Usually in the past ginger oak cookies can be hard, but I was surprise to find that this cookie was soft and chewy.  It was even nice to dip in a cup of hot chocolate.

Since the weather getting colder, it makes it nice to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and a ginger oak cookie to go with it. Exactly what I would like now………………..

Kitchen and Pantry (Chiswick)
216-218 Chiswick High Road
W4 1PD


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