Wahaca (Covent Garden)

Wahaca has been on my list of restaurant that I have been wanting to try. I have heard about how good this Mexican restaurant in London which friend said that you can get good Mexican food. However, I have tried getting a table at Wahaca which has a no booking policy and therefore it is first come and first serve. Whether it is the Westfield or the Covent Garden branch for a large party or a table of two we were told waiting time was over an hour. But each time we never end up waiting and go else where.

Until on a quiet day where the city of London seem to be quiet for once, we manage to get a seat for two with no waiting time at all. I finally get to find out why this restaurant is so popular in London. Maybe with such high expectation the disappointment was expected.

The whole menu was all covered on one side sheet that was laid out on the table like a canteen restaurant. You can find a range of Mexican nibbles, street food as well as larger dishes.

The street food are like tapas style which you call a few dishes to share with friends. There a different variety of tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, taquitos to choose. We went for the Wahaca selection which you get a selection of their favourite plates to share between 2 people for £19.95. You get 5 different plates from the street food section that goes with the green rice and black beans.

The green rice is a rice which has been blitzes with coriander, onion and garlic. However, I have to say I could not taste the coriander, onion or garlic. All three ingredients are some of my favourite flavours but I could only taste a corn kinda flavour from it which I assume comes from the type of rice used. This came in a small tub mixed with the black beans which I have to say was my best dish of the evening. It was soft which reminded me the texture of eating baked beans and it went well with the crumbles cheese and crema.

The 5 dishes we got in the Wahaca selection included:

2 huitalacoche quesadillas – toasted tortillas that was filled mushrooms and melted cheese. This was the one dishes out of the selection which was fairly OK.

3 seasonal vegetable tacos – soft tortillas with fillings of sautéed seasonal vegetable with mixed mushrooms, that was served with crema and salsa. I do love my vegetables but this was one of my least favourite dishes of the evening. It had a pickle taste and I am not a person that would say that dislike pickles but the flavours I felt just did not mix.

3 pork pibil tacos – soft tortillas with slow cooked pork in Wahaca Yucatecan marinade. This was presented with some picked vegetables on top. This was a fairly OK dishes and better than the seasonal vegetable filling.

2 chicken taquitos – tortillas wrapped around with fillings of marinated chicken deep-fried and served with cheese, crema and tomato salsa.

2 black bean tostada – crispy tortillas piled with beans, avocado salsa, crema, cheese and tomato salsa. Although, many of dishes was not very warm this was defintely supposed to be a cold dish that is more like a salad.

We finished with our disappointing Wahaca Selection meal with Churros (£3.75) from the pudding section. This is like doughnuts with a chocolate sauce dipping. I first found my like for Churros when I was at London Winter Wonderland and they had a stall serving what was called Spanish Churros with cinnamon sugar. However, later friends said Churros are actually Mexican and not Spanish. But still until today I am still not 100% sure where Churros originated from.

Wahaca Churros cannot compare with the street stall Churros you can get in London. They are so much fresher and piping hot when they have just been freshly made.

The service at Wahaca was good and friendly. But in terms of the food I was disappointed and I would not wait over an hour for a table to eat here. The food that was supposed to be warm were almost cold. It felt like everything including the desserts were already made as when we made our order it only took minutes before it arrived at our table. Maybe you can get way with it since when you get Burritos it just as fast!

Overall, I personally feel you either like Wahaca or you either not like it. You really need to be a fan of Mexican food to enjoy it. But I would not say I do not like Mexican food because I do enjoy my Burritos.

Wahaca (Covent Garden)
66 Chandos Place



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