Pasta Brown (London Bow Street)

I go past this chain restaurant so many time when I am in and around London. However, I never had the opportunity to try what Pasta Brown has to offer until now. We decided to try the Covent Garden branch on Bow Street.

Although it is called Pasta Brown you will not just find Pasta on their menu. There is Pizza, salad, antipasta and a range of steak and fish dishes including “The Italian Burger”. However, we decided to try out the pasta instead.

We ordered a Linguine Alla Vongole (£10.95) – clams in a pomodoro sauce with chilli, garlic and white wine. This had to be so far the least favourite pasta dish I have had in an Italian restaurant. It tasted a bit odd but one that I am not sure how to describe. I belief that it is the clams.

Also, we ordered the Penne Pasta Brown (£11.25) – bacon, sausage and mushrooms in a pomodoro sauce with cream. This had a more creamy sauce and much more tasty, especially not odd.

We finished out meal with a dessert and ordered a Banoffe Pie (£6.95) and a Tiramisu (£6.95). The Banoffe Pie was the favourite of the evening and much more favourable than the Tiramisu. It was a layer of biscuit base, with toffee and banana cream on top.

The service at the Pasta Brown we was at could have been better. In terms of the food was OK but I have to say the prices of the dishes at Pasta Brown does not come cheap. For a 2 course meal for 2 people including a tea and a bottle of water came to a total of £47.03 (this also includes a 12.5% service charge). I doubt I would return if I had the choice for other better Italian restaurant in London.

(Prices correct at the time I was dining at Pasta Brown)

Pasta Brown
35 Bow St,


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