Jamies Italian (Westfield)

Back in October we were aiming to try out Wahacca in Westfield shopping centre but since we had a large party it was a long waiting time. So ended up going to Jamie’s Italian which is also now in Westfield shopping centre. The waiting time was long as I expected and we were hanging around at the bar for at least an hour. We were very relief when we got a table since after a badminton session we were hungry.

For starter we decided to try the artisan meat boards which cost £4.25 each. Unlike the meat antipasti plank (https://chechemui.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/jamies-italian-covent-garden/) there are no minty vegetables or cheese, it was all meat. It is not charged per a head, so you could be getting more than one piece of meat to taste then you would do on the meat antipasti plank.

There are 3 different artisan meat boards to choose and we order one of each – English wild boar salami, Truffle Salami and the Levonetto Tondo. My favourite was either the English wild boar salami or the Levonette Tondo which is apparently a lightly spice salami. I say either because I cannot remember which one of these was the one that had this sweet honey kinda taste to.

The truffle salami was salami with truffle and black pepper. It was the one easily spotted that yes this is the truffle salami.

Following our starters was the main, which people choice either a pasta or a dish from the mains section of the menu. Some had the prawn linguine and others had the scallop with squid ink angel hair. This is an interesting dish since the pasta is really thin in which probably why it gets it name angel hair but it is black since it is made from squid ink. It is a nice dish which is served on the dry side.

For those who ordered from the mains section of the menu one had the shell roasted brixham scallops (£15.25). They were king scallops that was served in its shell with tomato salsa and salad. Another had the fish baked in a bag (£15.95)  which is fish, clams, mussels, fennel, chilli and anchovy baked in a bag as it name says. The funny comment from my friend was that it tasted good but it had an odd smell that was not pleasant. Although I could not remember that smell when another friend had it in the Canary Wharf branch.

Alongside our main, we ordered 3 portions of the funky chips to share on the table. When they arrive it look like beautifully golden yellow chips but from many people eyes on the table it actually looked under-cooked. Since you can see the chip still see-through. We suspected right since we tried it and the inside was not cooked through. It was raw potatoes chips! We let them know and the lady sent them back to the kitchen. After a few minutes later she came back with the same portion of chips that was re-cooked, which has now turned it brown. The chips were not even fully cooked it was still a little bit under-cooked. We did let them know but we were told that the chips are like that and could not be under-cooked, since they are cooked twice – once in the oven and then deep-fry.  Ok we take that in but the fact is the chips were under-cooked.

It was not our first visit to a Jamie’s Italian branch and we have ordered them both at Canary Wharf and Covent Garden. Both we had no issues with the chips, they were cooked beautifully in the reasons we like ordering them. But the Jamie’s Italian in Westfield was disappointing. I doubt I will return to that branch as it was definitely not worth waiting at least a hour for a table.

Jamie’s Italian (Westfield)
Unit 1078, Westfield Shopping Centre
Ariel Way
W12 7GB



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