Cay Tre

I was so excited to go down to Old Street to eat Vietnamese food at Cay Tre. It has been an area friends tell me to go for authentic Vietnamese food but it is an area I do not usually choose to go. But a friend birthday has given me a oppotunity to pay a visit. When we arrived it was buzzing packed two floors restaurant. Even when we left there was a queue.

We started with the các món rang muối (chilli salted & peppered soft-shelled crab).

Salt and peppered pork served with rice……..

Being at a Vietnamese restaurant I had to order a phở which is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup. There are variety of pho where some was spicy and other were non-spicy. I want for a non-spicy pho with meatball. But I am sure they gave me beef instead of meatball. It came in two prices for two different size – small (£4) or large  (£6.50). It was a lovely fragrant soup that I could see and taste that it had garlic, coriander and spring onion.

A friend had a small meatball pho but with a spicy soup base. This should have been the meatball I was expecting to get and not beef slice.

I would love to go to Cay Tre again as there are so many other dishes that I want to try. But the soup based of the Pho I had is my current favourite.

Cay Tre
301 Old Street,


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