The Mayflower

When I hear the name Mayflower, I always associate it with one of my favourite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that is called Mayflower. But The Mayflower in London Routherhithe is nothing close to a Chinese restaurant. It is actually a local restaurant pub that serves British cuisine. Downstairs is the pub and upstairs is where the restaurant is located and where you can get a view of the river.

A friend had recommend us of this place for its Kobe burger and in which because of his birthday we got to visit The Mayflower. It is a place that is has very outdated decor and has that local countryside kinda feel. The menu itself was in the style of an old-fashion newspaper, which you can buy from them for about £1. The style of the menu goes with the overall decor of the restaurant. I felt I had stepped back in to time.

The front of the menu gives you a background of the history of the Mayflower pub and the other side is the menu. It is a simple menu with a range of dishes you can choose. Although, the price of some of the main was fairly expensive. But then buying raw goods have gone up in price and a local restaurant to keep going these day can be difficult.

There was a separate menu that has a range of steaks and burgers that you could order instead. This is the menu where the Kobe burger is listed for the price of £13.85.

It might say Kobe Burger I suspect that it is not Kobe beef that has been imported from Japan. Let allow the price you suspect but the explanation on the menu describing what is Kobe beef and that it is not just breed from Japan but now also in US, Australia and Wales.

Although, friends recommend Kobe burger was nice here I decided not to go for it. I probably should have but it was not a beef day for me. unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo to share this Kobe burger friends ordered. It was a big fat juicy burger which I have to say that look good. It was cooked just right so it was not dry outside or in.

Instead I went for the homemade fish pie (£13.50) which was big. It was too big of portion which I personally think it did not need to be.  I got it served with salad and also a separate bowl of chips that was almost the size of the bowl of the fish pie itself. For me it would have been a portion to share between two or actually at least worth two night of dinner.

The fish pie was made with mainly salmon and a mixture of seafood, that I could remember was crab meat sticks. Then covered in a thick cheese and potato crispy top. It would not have been the best fish pie I had and with the cheese I actually felt like I was eating a lasagna instead.

For desserts, the lady brought out this big blackboard to show you the list of desserts you can order. We were told that evening that they had no ice cream. Since it looked like it was not at all busy that evening, you would have guess that ice cream was the last thing they would not have. Well, unless it was all homemade ice cream.

We choice to try the apple crumble served with custard. The look and the taste brought back those childhood memories of school dinners which is not bad. As looking back at it I did love my school dinners.

On each table of the restaurant there is a sign to ask customer to refrain from using their mobile phones in the restaurant. So it is a place to dine if you want a quiet dinner.

Overall, the service was good. But the portion of the food was too big for me and I could not say what I ordered was the best food I had. Although, if there was an opportunity I would try the Kobe burger.

The Mayflower (pub and restaurant)
117 Rotherhithe Street
SE16 4NF


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