Jamie’s Italian (Covent Garden)

In a previous post I review Jamie’s Italian in Canary Wharf (https://chechemui.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/jamies-italian/), which was back in 2009. At that time that was the only branch that exist in London. But now you have two more London branch you can choose from – Westfield and Covent Garden.

The Covent Garden branch is located just a few minutes walk from Leicester Square tube station. It is close to Covent Garden as well as Leicester Square which make it a great location.

As from experience with dining at the Canary Wharf branch twice, we know that there be a queue. But to our surprise when we arrived at the Covent Garden we were seated straight away for a party of six. I think we made it just in time before it was the dinner rush. As we seated we could see the queue slowly built up. But unlike Canary Wharf being in the centre of London there are so many choices in restaurant that are nearby.

For our starter we ordered a antipasti plank which are charged at £6.65 a head, so each person gets one of each selection on the plank. There are two choices that you can choose, the vegetable or the meat antipasti plank. The vegetable antipasti plank contains seasonal vegetables, italian cheese, pickles and crunchy salad. the meat antipasti plank or the vegetable antipasti plank.

We went for the meat antipasti plank which had seasonal cured meat (Tuscan fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, San Daniele prosciutto and Schiacciata piccante), Italian cheese (buffalo mozzarella and pecorino served with crackles with chilli jam), pickles (green chillies and olives) and crunchy salad. It is an amazing plank especially when we ordered for three heads. It was on a long plank almost half the size of our table and was place on top of unopened cans of peeled tomatoes.

For main we all went for pasta and majority of us ended up ordering the prawn linguine. This has to be my favourite pasta dish at Jamie’s Italian which is prawns with tomatoes, chilli with rockets. I have to say it was cooked to my perfection that evening. It was not too spicy just right to give that slight kick to compliment to tomatoes. The prawns were cooked just right, not too undercooked but not overcooked. The portions vary since we ordered about 4 portion of the prawn linguine so some of us had more sauce then others.

A friend had the carbonara which I remember having at my first time at Jamie’s Italian in Canary Wharf. It was not the best carbonara I had, but the pasta was different. As my friend said it looked like udon more than spaghetti.

Overall at the Covent Garden it was good. Beautiful food and service was good. For my first visit it was fairly better than the one at Canary Wharf.

Jamie’s Italian (Covent Garden)
Unit 33, 10 -12 Upper St Martin’s Lane



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