After an hour of workout with a group of friends we decided to catch dinner in West Hampstead and choice J. This is an Italian restaurant which is a few minutes walk away from West Hampstead tube station.

The restaurant had a very dark setting as there was only a few lighting. I suppose to give it that romantic feel which would probably be nice if you were out for dinner with your other half. But I thought it was just a bit too dark and could not get a proper look of the place. Probably need to find a oppotunity during the day to get a better look of the interior.

There are a range of pizza and pasta to choose and price are relatively similar to what you would find in an average Italian restaurant in London. We choice J because they had posted on the window an offer. However when we sat down most of us went and choice the 3 course meal deal.

Course 1, I choice to start with the mussels in tomato sauce that came served with bread. A dish that was full of flavour and had bread to dip in the sauce.

For course 2, most of us went for the pasta dish which they had a range of different type of pasta.

I went for a tomato based pasta which had a hint of tomatoes. Although, I found the dish too spicy for me as the chilli was the burning type.

Finally course 3 was a choice of desserts on the menu.

Some of us went for the Apple pie tart served with ice cream and was dusted with icing sugar. 

I went for the chocolate fondue sponge cake that was severed with ice cream, and had chocolate sauce over it.

All dishes we had were beautifully presented which is always a good for the first impression. In terms in taste of the dishes it was OK but there was nothing special that I would say that wow me.

218 West End Lane,
West Hampstead,


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