This is a place where you can get Italian gelato. Having looked at their website did I read that they are also the people who are behind Bocca di Lupo which is an Italian restaurant I have been wanting to try but not yet got to the top of list. That make sense since Gelupo is almost opposite Bocca di Lupo.

Gelopu was first introduced by a friend who took us there for dessert after a karaoke evening. It is situated on a side street of Soho which makes this place so hidden. If it was not for a friend I would have not known about this place and would be missing out on some good tasty gelato.

There are a range of gelato and sorbet flavours, which the staff are happy to help you choose by given you tasters of any of them. Flavours includes pistachio, hazelnut, apple & cinnamon, espresso, chocolate, coconut, raspberry, peach and some what I think are odd combination but interesting such as Ricotta, Coffee & Honey. One of my favourite is the espresso which is full that strong coffee flavour.

The different with the gelato at Gelupo is that the texture is like Turkish ice cream. It is rich in flavour and I personally feel a small cup of one flavour is enough for me. You can choose to have more than one scoops of either the same or different flavour in a cup. But you could choose to have your scoop in a cone. You can even have a gelato burger, which is a brioche buns stuff with gelato. I need to try that one day to see what that taste like.

You can buy your Gelupo to takeaway or eat in the shop itself. There are a few chairs with a bar tables that you can indulge you gelato at. Then take a look at the back of the store where you can buy a range of Italian delicatessen, which includes home-made pasta and sausages.

This is a place that I am glad I know about because it is great to have dessert and chill out with friends. Especially that it is open until late.

(Above photo – Raspberry flavoured sorbet)

7 Archer Street,


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