London Restaurant Festival 2010 – Street Kitchen

It has been London Restaurant Festival ( since 4th October 2010 and will run on until 18th October 2010.  Many London restaurants are participating to showcase what London has to offer in the diverse range of food. It also a great way to encourage consumers like us to eat out.

It is a wonderful time for food lovers like me to be able to explore what London restaurants has to offer. Participating restaurants are offering a festival Menu to celebrate the event. It includes a range of restaurants from what I would call the more affordable end restaurants to the Micheline-starred restaurants. There are a number of celebrity restaurants the are participating, such as Gordan Ramsey, Jamies Oliver, John Torrode etc.

Part of the festival is Street Kitchen, that is a street vendor selling gourmet cuisine which has been collaborated by Jun Tanaka and Mark Jankel. It is a great idea since I have always felt that London do not have good street food, which is one thing I love about Hong Kong. I was full of excitement when I saw a caravan with a big sign saying “STREET KITCHEN” in the heart of Covent Garden one lunchtime. I just had to check it out.

Street Kitchen @ Covent Garden

The menu was simple, consisting of 5 different dishes that you can choose:

  • Seasonal soup & brioche – £4.50
  • Hot smoked salmon, beetroot & horseradish – £6.50
  • Braised beef, carrots & celeriac – £6.50
  • Roast butternut squash & watercress salad – £5.50
  • Cheesecake, shortbread & autumn fruit – £4.50

I ordered the Hot salmon with beetroot and horseradish while my brother went for the braised beef, carrots and celeriac. Each one was served in a takeaway box, so you could take back to the office to have a gourmet lunch at your desk. We instead sat at the tables that they have set-up especially for Street Kitchen. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day to enjoy having lunch in the busy area of Covent Garden.

Both meal was beautifully presented, it was like something I would have expect at some classy restaurant. Who could have guess even street food could look so expensive. Although it was not too pricey and it made a great change to a sandwich or salad.

Hot smoked salmon, beetroot & horseradish @ Street Kitchen

Braised beef, carrots & celeriac @ Street Kitchen

Street Kitchen was serving at Covent Garden from 4-14th October 2010. Then it will be in Old Spitalfields Market from 15-18th October 2010.

For more information visit


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