Inamo restaurant

I remember first reading about Inamo in the newspaper and have been on my list of restaurants that I need to visit. However, I just never had the chance until one Friday when looking for a place to fill my hungry stomach. We manage to find a table for two although we had not booked but was informed that they needed the table back in an hour and half.

The restaurant was two floor and we were seated downstairs which I found out was called the bonsai room. The whole restaurants was quite dark but still lighting was mainly the interactive table. This was the highlight of dining at Inamo. Here you do not place your order with a waiter (well you could and they would help you) but the fun is you place your order on this interactive ordering system.

Not only can you order food and drinks with it, you can even order a taxi (which is useful since downstairs I found I had no reception with my mobile phone), play various games, change the colours and/or patterns of your table. But you could even have a look at the chefs in the kitchen. The various games that I could play on my table did keep me busy between food. However, it could leave you being not very interactive with your diners.

Although the interactive ordering system sound like a great and fun idea. I found that it took me longer to make an order because I am having to flick through each items by item. I also found that you could be ordering a lot of food without noticing with all the excitement of it all. But lucky that you have the option to see how much the bill is for the whole table and also for yourself.

So enough about the table for now and go and share with you my view on the food. Inamo serves oriental fusion food that range from Japanese, Chinese, Thai etc.

We ordered a few dishes to share, which we were advised since they informed us that dishes might not come at the same time. This really did not bother as sharing is good. It allows you to test a bit of everything.

We ordered two from the small dishes, which you will find a range of starter type of food including sushi and salads. We went for the baby pork ribs (£6.75) which was described as braised in XO sauce and served with pea sauce. I cannot remember having pea sauce on ours. It was a very special dish but was pork which I suspect that was braised then had been lightly deep-fried to give a crispy outside.

Another from the small dishes menu was the Seafood Gyoza (£4.50) that was served with a Yuzu dressing. This was the last dishes that came and think it was the warmest one that we had. This was like steamed gyoza and not pan-fried gyoza which I not too fond of. Steamed gyoza is definitely suit me better.

We also order two from the large dishes which are more like main. But do not expect the small dishes to come first because we had them the other way round. In the large dishes you could choose from range of curry hot stone rib eye, cinnamon chicken, tempura etc. We went for Black Cod (£14.95) that was marinated with spicy miso. The fish was cooked beautiful but was disappointed that it was cold.

Our second large dish was the Wagyu Bavette (£16.95) that was served with shitake mushroom and hijiki seaweed. I would have preferred it to be thinly sliced then the chunky cuts we got. It was not the best wagyu beef I had, I still had quite a lot of chewing to do.

We finished it off with desserts that all had some oriental flavours included in it. Out of the two we choice, the one that won the best presentation would have to be the macaroon & white chocolate mousse (£5.75). A pandan macaroon filled with Yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse, served with lemongrass & coconut sorbet, and milk chocolate sauce. This was a strong flavoured dessert that you have to like pandan and lemongrass to enjoy.

Our second dessert was the vanilla Crème Brûlée (£6.25) that was served with strawberry and lemongrass coulis. This was a smooth crème brûlée which I prefer in terms of the taste that suit my taste buds.
The dishes was small portion, so if you are very hungry you might have to spend quite a lot to fill that hungry stomach. We actually called two steamed rice each to have with our small and large dishes. Otherwise I might still be peckish and order more. But Inamo is fairly expensive place to dine. We spent for two people a total of £66.66, which include a bottle of still water and a service charge of 10%. It a nice place to go once for the experience but it not place you would go often. I doubt I would return though unless maybe a special occasion.
On the bill it says service char is discretionary but the amount due includes the 10% service charge. There was not much service as we did the ordering ourself through the interactive order system. But I suppose it is 10% and not the average 12.5% you usually see. So 10% service charge for bring you the food and cleaning afterward, as well bringing the bill.

Inamo restaurant
134-136 Wardour Street,


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