Benito’s Hat

I discovered Benito’s Hat when I was just walking past on this little hidden street called New Row in London. But never had the opportunity to try it until I thought I change my lunchtime sandwiches to a burritos.

The place is relatively small that is decorated simple and colourful. There is quite a few seats with some high chair tables. It was not that hard to find a seat at the time I went for lunch. If you avoid the lunchtime rush hour it would be possible to enjoy a Burritos or Taco  for lunch sitting down at Benito’s Hat. But the alternative would be to take-out.

There are simple instruction to explain how order your burritos or taco in 4 steps. 

Step 1, choose your meal – you can have a burritos, tacos, salad or soup.

Step 2, choose your filling – there are the choice of steak, chicken, pork or vegetables.

Step 3, choose your topping – there are the choice of black beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa etc.

Step 4, choose your drinks and sides

Although it suppose to be 4 steps, it was actually was not in that order. When I ordered my burritos I was first asked if I wanted rice or beans. Follow then by the choice of filling and then by more topping such as the cheese, lettuce, salsa and sauce etc. After which they wrapped the burritos in foil. I have to admit that whatever they asked me I would say yes and no, as it was all done so quickly.

If you decide to eat-in then you will get it placed on a plastic plate served with some tortillas. I assume the tortillas was free as my meal came up to a total of £5.50 with no additional sides and drinks for a braised pork filled burritos.  

I had the braised pork with rice cheese, salad and salsa etc. It was definitely a chubby burritos that I bought which took me a few seconds to work out what was the best way to eat it. I would not say that it was the best burritos I had in London. The one which I most remember was the one I had near Angel tube station in Islington. It had really tasty pork but the one at Benito’s Hat was pork that had no flavour.

Although, I did not manage to finish my burritos, I still went to get myself a Snog. There is one around the corner of Benitos hat which open recently. In a previous review of Snog (, I was not a big fan of Snog as it taste so like natural yoghurt and I am not a big fan of the taste of sour yoghurt. But lately I have managed to convince myself to like the green tea flavoured snog and I was craving one that day. Therefore, ordered a little green tea snog topped with soft and chewy nutty chocolate brownies.

Benito’s Hat
19 New Row,


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