The Chicago Rib – Knightsbridge (CLOSED)

In August, we took cousin who was on holiday in London and a few friends to have dinner at Chicago ribs in Knightsbridge. It is a restaurant that specialise in a range of smoked meats and ribs. It is definitely a place with American feel to it in not just the decor but the food as well.

The menu was just about right, not too short or too long. I found it easy to decide what I wanted on a large sheet of menu card. One side was the food and the other side was drinks and desserts. You can put your wines and beer to one side and go for the shakes,  the floats or root beer instead.

We started off the meal with starters to share, where we choice 12 pieces buffalo chicken wings (£8.95), super skins (£7.95) and prawn skewers (£6.75).

The buffalo chicken wings was coated with BBQ sauce that was served with crunchy celery. These chicken wings was beautiful as they were not dry outside or inside. You have that lovely coating of the BBQ sauce that made it like the chicken wings was dipped in sauce.

The super skins were stuffed potato skins which had chilli carne, with melted cheese and crispy bacon. It has been a while since I had chilli carne and it goes well with the potatoes.

The prawn skewers came served with some salad and what looked and taste like guacamole dip which we found tasty. It was more interesting than the prawns that we got two sticks each with 3 prawns.

For main we each got a dish each, which we had a choice from the smokers or from the grills. There are also burgers as well as a few fish items which I would thought to cater for anyone who prefer not to go for meat. Most of us went for dishes from the smokers as we wanted to try some of their signature dishes.

I went for the pulled pork (£14.50) which I have been craving to have for a while. I remember my first counter with this dish was at Bodean ( and it was more me then ribs. The pulled pork came served with corn on the cob, coleslaw and deep-fried crispy potatoes bits which they named “The Other Bits”. At Chicago Rib Shack the pulled pork was coated in a sweet BBQ sauce, which was nice but with a bowl of it I found it got a bit too sweet.

The ribs are something you cannot miss and there is a range of rib dishes to choose from the smoker. The Rib Shank Sampler (£21.50) give you a sample of all the range of rib from St Louis cut ribs, Beef ribs and Baby back ribs.

We ended our meal with dessert where there are a range of cheesecake, pie and sundaes. Unfortunately when we came to order our dessert we were told the cheesecake of the day had just been sold out. So instead we went for a Banoffe Pie (£4.95) which actually turn out to be quite yummy. When I hear Banoffe I always think caramel which is sticky and very sweet, so never a preference I would go for.

Another dessert we choice was the Mississippi Mud Pie (£6) which was a yummy ice cream cake that was covered with chocolate sauce.

We were doing some hand eating and lickering that we were messy pigs that evening, but no worries we got messy pig wet wipe to clean ourself up!

I would not say it a cheap place to dine but at the time we went for an online offer that dining on a Tuesday we could get 33% off the food bills. If we booked and dined on a Monday we could have got 50% off the food bills.

The service was friendly, we were greeted by a lady who was really helpful which is always a good first impression.

The Chicago Rib Shack
145 Knightsbridge,


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