The Bountiful Cow

For a friend birthday we had dinner at this pub and restaurant hidden on a side street in Holborn, near Red Lion Square. This place is apparently known to specialised in beef – steaks and burgers.

Lately, I have choice to try not to eat beef or lamb. If a menu have other choices such as chicken, fish or vegetables it is my preference. But if it has to be beef then it usually a ‘light’ burger. On the Bountiful Cow’s menu there is choice of non-beef main dishes such as rump of lamb steak served with sauteed potatoes, chicken pie, Welsh wizard rarebit, couscous with roast vegetable. But nothing very exciting that took my fancy, in which I thought as a one-off I ordered the sirlon steak served with chips.

There are a range of steaks such as ribeye steak, sirlon steak, sirlon steak, sirlon chop, T-bone steak or filet steak. All that you can choose that can come as plain,  à la Capricorn (with melted goat’s cheese), with Béarnaise sauce or with green peppercorn sauce. Instead of a steak you could choose a bounty burger which described on the menu as “coarse-ground, with chopped onions and gherkin on bun, and salad…”

I ordered my sirlon steak to be cooked at medium to well done – in my book as beef to be cooked but not over cooked. It was a large steak but there was part of it was a chunky fat that I did not eat.  It was a beautiful cooked sirlon steak that I could tasted it has been seasoned to cook. I had it served with Béarnaise sauce and chips. The sauce to me tasted like Thai curry with a strong coconut milk taste. It was how I expected Béarnaise sauce to be.

We had a voucher for the restaurant reduced price special offers august 2010 for confirmed reservation. This voucher has two offers you can choose. Offer 1 is a roast bone marrow and parsley salad followed by ribeye steak with chips. Offer 2 is 30% off any main course with an order including a first course or dessert.

We all went for offer 2 and choice a main course and a desert. The first courses on the menu did not take our fancy where there was a choice of rillettes of duck with toast, lemony greek salad, tomato mozzarella and basil salad, smoked salmon with bread and butter or sephardic pate. Instead the deserts had a choice of the creme brulee, Cow’s chocolate pot or posh ice cream with coulis.

I went to choose the creme brulee which came in a glass pot that I felt was too big. I feel that a smaller size creme brulee would have just been enough.

The Bountiful Cow
51 Eagle Street


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