Fish Pan Cakes

Food shopping I can find it quite exciting. I am actually finding it even more fun then shopping for clothes. But the only down fall about a trip to the supermarket is the transferring and unpacking that needs to be done.

While at grocery shopping at Japan Centre for some Japanese ingredients, I came across some fish pan cake. It is not something you would see in UK normally. It is what you will find in Japan but the one I did have when I was in Japan was a mini version to the one sold at Japan Centre.


It is tradition to find the fish pan filled with red bean paste. But the fish pan cake found in Japan Centre had various flavours. I bought the pack that had custard and apple cinnamon fillings. The custard flavoured was the prefer one as it was not as dry as the apple cinnamon.


I think it would have be nicer if they were a smaller size, like the one you found in Japan which are bite size. It make it easier to snack away at the office desk!


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