When ladies are stress than shopping is usually one of the way to de-stress (yes burning our cash seem to be a form of a way to de-stress). I am no stranger to this. Apart from shopping at these shops, whether for clothes or make-up, restaurant shopping is on my list. And no it is not buying a restaurant but actually dining at a restaurant.

My latest splash out was at Nobu at Berkley. I would not have imagine to dine at classy Nobu which is known to be one of those celebrities hang out. To my surprise is I turned up with no booking and managed to get two seats at the sushi bar. I was happy to be at the sushi bar watching the lines of chef making beautiful sushi. The way we had a wooden sushi board on our table where the sushi are placed and the technique of sticking a lump of wasabi on it reminded me of Japan.

The menu has a range of sushi, tempura, salads and hot dishes to choose from. Being at the sushi bar we had to order some sushi to try. The price of each one does not come cheap as sashimi and nigiri are priced per pieces. I ordered a piece of the toro nigiri which cost £6.25 a piece. Expensive but it was a beautiful toro that almost melted in my mouth. But that was not the most expensive tuna on the menu. The O-toro was the highest grade tuna on the menu that would have coste £8.25 per a piece.

The dish of the night has to be the soft crab sushi roll. At least a roll cuts up to give you a few pieces. I love this sushi roll with the deep-fried soft crab with avocado centre wrapped with rice, seaweed and rice paper.

We also ordered from the new style sashimi section of the menu where you can choose from a range of fish that is cooked seared with some drizzle of soy sauce dressing. The tuna (£15.50) was lightly cooked outside with the centre still raw and thinly sliced.


As a main we decided to go for one of Nobu’s set dinner that comes with rice, and miso soup. We choice to two different set dinner.

A tempura set (£22.50) which had 3 large tempura prawns with mix of vegetable tempura.

 A terriyaki salmon set (£21.50) that was beautifully presented. However the salmon itself was a bit disappointing as it was just bit over done to my liking.

unfortunately the set dinner did not come with any starters or desert. So we had to order that separately. There were a range of desserts to choose from which majority was chocolate. I would have love to be able to try all of them. The dessert was more French than Japanese. But I seem to find that is the case with many restaurants.

We choice a chocolate in a bento box (£9.75) which was a chocolate fondue cake with a scoop of green tea chocolate served in a bento box.

My favourite was the Dragon eyes (£9.75) that menu described as ‘warm chocolate and zabayon ganache served with crema catalana ice cream, pistachio garapinados and mixed berry coulis’.  It was two deep-fried coated breadcrumb chocolate centred ball. This was served with a berry coulis and ice cream that was sitting on top of a bed of roasted pistachio. It was a chocolate dessert that was just enough to give you the satisfaction of chocolate but not to the point to say you had too much chocolate. Every bits of the components on the plate complimented each other. It was a great finish to our meal.

With the dessert we ordered from their selection of green teas. We choice the Japanese cherry blossom tea (£3.50) which was like perfume.

The service was friendly and helpful. With around about 15% service charges you would expect that you are to get high standard of services.

The whole experience I felt I was on holiday, somewhere in Japan or Hong Kong.

Nobu (Berkeley)
15 Berkeley Street


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