Mitsukoshi restaurant (London)

Lately, it is just all about work and office. A friday evening is usually mean we have the weekend to look forward to because it is a break from the office. But these few weeks Friday does not have that same meaning because next day I am up and off to the office again. With all the hard work lately on a Friday evening I decided to treat myself to dinner at Mitsukoshi restaurant. A Japanese restaurant that is located just inside the Mitsukoshi department store near London Piccadilly Circus. I have waiting for a long time to try this restaurants and finally I get that very opportunity.

To get to the restaurant you have to walk down a flight of stairs and when I arrived I felt I was on holiday in Japan or Hong Kong. The restaurant is split in to three parts, where on the right there is one room that is the shochu bar and another room that is the sushi bar. Then the main restaurant is located on the left hand side.

When we arrived we were served by a Japanese waiter who took us to our table. There was quite a few tables that Japanese people was dining which for some give me an impression maybe I will be able to eat some authentic Japanese food.

From the menu I ordered one of their gozen (set menu) that all came with rice, soup and pickles. I choice the  Shokado bento (£23.50), which is a bento box containing sashimi, simmered vegetables, grilled fish and tempura. It was colourful and at first glance it did not looked much in my bento box but it was filling with the rice and miso soup that came with it.

From photo:

Bottom right – Sashimi, I had a mixture of different fish including salmon and tuna. The tuna was my favourite because it melted in your mouth.

Bottom left – Simmered vegetable was not boring and had flavour. There was a piece of chicken with it which I wondered if it has been simmered in a chicken stock.

Top right – Grilled fish which came with a sliced of Tamagoyaki (Japanese sweet egg omelet) and Kamaboko (Japanese fish paste loaf)

Top left – Tempura, which had a prawn, squid and a mixture of vegetables.

Mitsukoshi also have a monthly dinner course and for July was 5 course set dinner meal (£38) that comes with:

1st course – confit oyster on leaf salad with citrus soy dressing. This is a refreshing dish that suit well for the month of July.

2nd course – sashimi.

3rd course – crispy fried stone bass with red onion sauce

5th course – is a choice of any of the three desserts. We choice the home-made sesame panna cotta and strawberry and condensed milk granita.

As my bento box set dinner did not come with dessert  I add on top Animitsu with ice cream (£6). Anmitsu is a Japanese traditional dessert that contains fruit, jelly and black peas with syrup and red bean paste.

Although I felt the restaurant decor is out-dated but the food was beautiful in presentation and taste. However, the menu prices can be fairly expensive and I could not come here as a regular Japanese dining place.

There are many dishes that I need to find the opportunity to taste including the cold soba, Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. I found that there are only a few places in London that serve traditional Japanese food. Many is more fusion Japanese so I do miss the food I had in Japan.

Mitsukoshi restaurant (London)
Dorland house
14 – 20 lower regent street
london sw1y 4ph


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