Byron – Proper Humburger

I can tick off another theatre show and this time it is The Lion King (, that was showing in London at the Lychuem theatre in Covent Garden. But it also has given me the opportunity to try a new restaurant and share another food review.

We watched it as a group on a weekday, so majority of us had to come after work. To make sure we would make it in time for the show and be able to have a pre-theatre meal, we choice to dine at Byron.  It is a chain restaurant that serves posh burgers. They have recently opened a new branch in Covent Garden which is almost right next to the Lychem theatre .

When I arrived there was only a few people but it got a more busy during the time we were eating there. We made no booking for around 10 of us, so glad there was quite a few vacant tables at the time I arrived.

The menu was simple which had a selection of burgers in which also included a chicken fillet burger and a veggie burger to cater for those who do not eat beef. There are also a range of salads if you do not fancy a burger.

I choice to have the Skinny (£8.50), which is a burger with no bun served with side salad. This is great for someone like me who is not a massive fan of a burger as I found that it can be quite heavy. With the skinny you can still enjoy a Byron beef burger without the bun and have instead some refreshing salad.

All the burgers do not come with fries and you will have to order them separately from their list of sides. This means that it add up the cost of being a posh burger meal! But the positive thing of this is that you are not fixed to have fries with your burgers. You could choose to have home-made skin-on chips, onion rings, courgette fries, coleslaw or no sides at all.

Along with my skinny meal I shared with friends some of Byron’s sides. We choice the macaroni cheese (£2.75) which when it arrived was a big stink of smelly socks. It was quite amusing as it tasted like a yummy macaroni cheese, although I found it lacked flavour.

Another side we ordered was the courgette fries (£3.00). This was similar to a tempura but the batter coating was bit heavier then you would find with tempura.

For my drink I went for a strawberry milkshakes (£3.50), which was wonderfully iced cold. I needed it for a beautiful warm London weather. There are a choice of milkshakes flavours (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Oreo Cookie) and you can add an additional 25 pence to add malt to it.

Overall the food at Byron was Ok but does not give a WOW factor. It is really would not be a regular place to get a casual burger as in price ways it is fairly expensive, but it is what these days we call posh burger. The service from staff were friendly from when I arrive until we left which always one of the thing for a good first impression.

Byron (Covent Garden)
33-35 Wellington Street

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