M&S Food to Go

In some M&S (Mark and Spencer) stores you will find their food to go cafe. The Covent Garden branch is one of them which I have been wanting to try for lunch, however the seats are usually full during lunchtime. So it was so exciting when I saw it being quite quiet that I had the chance to try the M&S hot food to go.

The menu is simple with a range of burgers, wraps, sandwiches, noodle , soup etc that you can order. Where you have the choice to purchase to eat in or takeaway. All you need to do is go up to the till and place your order. Then you will be given a receipt with a number and just patiently wait at the collection side. They will call your number when your food is ready to collect.

I ordered a burger on the meal deal for £4.95. The meal  included a burger, chunky chips and a drink. You can choose any range of burger on the menu, so if you not a beef fan then there is a chicken burger. The chicken burger is quite different, it is not a deep dried chicken but instead they used grilled chicken breast.

For my first try of the M&S food to go I choice a cheeseburger. Unwrapping it I found it looked very different to the well-known McDonald cheeseburger.  Instead of using a sesame sprinkles burger bun, it was a ciabatta type of bun.

In between the bun was a beef burger, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and tomato sauce. The beef burger you could say is almost a burger from one of those posh burger restaurant. Although it is just a cheeseburger I thought it taste nice, I suppose it is a nice change to having a sandwich or salad.

For my drink on the meal drink I choice to have a strawberry milkshake which I felt tasted like strawberry ice cream. It was nice but I admit that I felt quite fat.

The chunky chips was nothing special just like any chunky chips that was on a soft side than crispy. But then that I prefer it, I am the girl who prefer to have soggy chips.

As well a main menu, they also have a breakfast menu which serve for certain time period in the morning food such as porridge. But I have not yet tried it to give my view what I think about it.

Overall it give us consumer more choice to choose which is great! when I think of pre-packed sandwiches then M&S is always on my list. It is a place where I consider to purchase food to go. But maybe I might start to consider M&S when I want hot food that is quick or to buy for on the go.


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