Haggen-Daz Summer 2010 Flavours

The UK weather this week has been what you will say is summer. The weather has been hot and dry, which means finally summer clothes are out. But it also means ice cream is needed to cool as down. So on my way home I passed the Haggen-Daz shop that I could not resist myself in getting a few scoops of ice cream.

Each time I go in, I cannot never decide which flavours to go for and today was no surprise. I did a few testers of some flavours before deciding my two scoops ice cream in a cup. Thank you for the woman serving me to be so patient and allow me to test the flavours out.

I finally went for two scoops of different flavours, which both happen to be two new flavours. The Pomegreanate, white peach and orange blossom sorbet (pink coloured ice-cream in photo)  is also a limited edition which had a fragrance taste, that was not too sweet and quite refreshing. It did remind me of drinking one of those fragrant tea. Then my second scoops was the mango & apricot ice cream smoothie. This was quite nice as well but after a few spoonful I found the mango a bit too sweet. However, I see why the combination of the apricot ice cream to smooth out the taste.

Both are great summer flavours and think I made excellent choices. You really need to have some ice cream to cool in this hot UK summer weather!


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