The Goldern Union (The Chippy)

When I was looking for lunch during an elephant hunt, I came across a fish and chips cafe in the heart of London. It is hidden on one of the side road off Oxford Street.

It looks fairly quiet from the outside but I can just about get a glimpse of a few people dining for lunch that day. My main reason for choosing to have lunch that was one I needed to sit and the other was because I could have lunch while watching the World Cup 2010 game that was on at the time.

The seated restaurant area is hidden at the back. As the front give you the feel of a takeaway fish and chip shop. It gave me a feeling of being in an American cafe with a mixed of British in to it. Does sound like a weird contrast.

I was served by a lady who gave me two menus to look at. One was the main menu which you find dishes that you can expect from a typical fish and chips shop. The other was a special offer menu where there was selected dishes from the main menu and if you choose any one of the dishes you will get a free drink. As most of the typical fish and chips dishes was on the special offer you might as well go for that if you get a free drink!

There was choice of cod and chips, haddock & chips, scampi & chips, homemade pie and chips etc. I went for the homemade fish cakes with chips, that was served with a wedge of lemon and tartar sauce.

You can tell with the sprinkle of some parsley around the plate that they tried go make an effort with presentation. Unfortunately the fish cake colour was burnt brown instead of golden brown, which was obvious on the plate. It did not taste burnt so could be down to the oil used to deep-fried the fish cake.

The fish cake was made from a mixture of white fish and salmon. You could taste a hint of lemon juice has also been used to it. If it was cooked just right it would have been perfect!

The chips seem to have a crispy texture but you could not say it was crispy. I felt it was chips that have come from the freezer. But even a packet of frozen chips from the supermarket tasted better. Where did it go wrong?

If the food was overall good then it would have made it a nice place to gather up to watch many more World Cup matches while having some fish and chips.

Golden Union (previously known as The Chippy)
38 Poland Street,


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