Taste of Spain 2010 – London

Regent Street was closed off for the day, making it car free zone. This was due to that it was a taste of Spain on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The street was scattered with marquees that celebrated and showcase Spain.

There was a range of entertainments including music and dance.


There was activities for people to get involved in, like the  Estrella Damn football zone where you can try the penalty spot. The tennis zone where you could try out the fastest serve simulator challenge. The basketball zone had a live 3 on 3 professional matches. For the golf fans you could practice your drive/putt and you could win yourself a Spanish golfing holiday….wonder who that lucky person would be. There was also the opportunity to try out changing a F1 car wheel in the fastest time.


One thing you could not have is food. There was the opportunity to taste jamon from Teruel that was being traditionally hand craved to taste. There was a medieval market that was selling different type of chorizo for £7 – wild boar or deer, cheese, pate and fois gras.


Then my excitement of being able to buy churros to eat. The last time I had some was at London winter wonderland. There was a queue to buy them which was selling for £4 a portion, that I consider expensive. But to my disappointment it did not taste as good as the one I had at winter wonderland. I found these one taste oily and that was the only flavour I could taste, apart from the sweetness from the sugar.


The highlight was the authentic giant Valencian paella. There was 3 giant paella on Regent Street where each cooked at different time. Unfortunately the queue was too long or either we were told that they had to restrict the length of the queue so we could not queue.  But you could not expect there not to be a queue when you could get a free plate of paella. Not able to taste some it was still great experience to watch it being cooked.


The amount of work to cook the ingredients to a giant paella, that was served out to the public. It required at least 3 people.


The weather made it a great day out to experiment the Spanish atmosphere. It was expected to rain and thunder but the weather manage to stay nicely with only a light shower that did not last too long.

If you missed the event then you still have the opportunity in Edinburgh (24th-25th July).



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