EAT Matcha Chiller

In this warm sunny weather it is nice to have a chilled drink such as a Starbuck frappuccino. In the UK we do have a range of flavours but I am missing the green tea frappuccino, that is on the Starbuck menu in Hong Kong.

The nearest thing that I found in the UK was when I was at EAT and saw Matcha Chiller on the menu.

However this Matcha chiller did not bring that taste of the green tea frappuccino in Hong Kong Starbuck. The Match Chiller that I ordered at one of their EAT branch taste a bit weird. I took a few sip and could not have anymore. I am not sure whether it was the cream they use was not fresh enough or it suppose to taste like what I had. It taste a bit sour, a hint of vanilla and a hint of green tea. But all very weird taste, one that did not taste right though……….


One thought on “EAT Matcha Chiller

  1. I LOVE the Eat matcha chiller – but I’ve never had the Starbucks one. If the starbucks in HongKong is like all the European ones – their ‘milk’ is actually made up from a powder and water. At Eat they use a vanilla flavored milk from a tetrapak. I am trying to find out exactly what it is because I really love the flavor it adds to all of its chillers. I am thinking it may be similar to a condensed milk – because it is still a good cream taste even with all the ice.

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