Lola’s Giant Cupcake

Recently a friend birthday and a giant cupcake was bought for her from Lola’s – one of UK bakery that specialised in cupcakes. In a previous blog entry I review about the selection of cupcakes I bought from one of their branch (

This giant cupcake is knowns as the showgirl which is an edition to Lola’s range of celebration cakes. A 18cm tall giant cupcake which according to Lola’s website can cut into around 15 slices (that will depend how big the cut of the slices are). You can choose from a selection of flavours and covered with icing of you choice from selection of chocolate, white, blue, green, red, lilac or yellow.

We went for strawberry flavoured cupcake that is a sponge that have strawberry pieces and covered in a range of red, pink and white icing. It was topped with sprinkles of confetti hearts and glitter. This is a really a showgirl! It is a beautiful birthday cake that can make a birthday girl speechless.

As from a previous review it is overall a mix review about Lola’s cupcake. There are flavours that I like but there some that just do not tick with my taste buds. This strawberry flavour cupcake unfortunately do not seem to manage to tick my taste buds. However, others would feel the opposite. The icing is not as sweet as other cupcakes I have tried but the texture of the sponge it is still Hummingbird that win. But the presentation of this giant cupcake is probably too good to want to cut it up and eat.

As cupcake do not usually come cheap from Lola’s, this showgirl will cost £45. Although many well-known cupcake bakeries are relative expensive overall.

To order one of their showgirl or any of Lola’s celebration cake it is required to give 48 hours notice. We was going to order a cake to pick up from Selfridges, where they have a Lola’s cupcake bar, but unfortunately they had lots of orders that day. In which we had to pick it up from their Mayfair branch. So to avoid disappointment to pick it up at you nearest branch then make sure you give enough notice to order this beautiful Showgirl.

LOLA’s Kitchen (Mayfair)
16 Lansdowne Row,
Berkeley Square,


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