Stef’s is an Italian restaurant located off Oxford Street, just a few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road station. This is a hidden gem which you would not have notice walking many time along the street of Oxford Street.  This restaurant has an excellent atmosphere which makes it a nice place to dine with a group of friends or just to have dinner with your special one.

When we arrived it was not that busy with a few diners including a group of ladies having fun chit chatting away. As the evening went on the restaurant was buzzing with more people.

On each table we got a tub of complimentary green olives, so you can snack away while looking through the menu. There is a range of pasta and pizza to choose as well some Stef’s specialities.

We started with the special starter of the day which was a smoked fish salad (£9.95). It contain 5 different type of smoked fish on a bed of rockets with a wedge of lemon. This was a beautiful starter that was recommended to us which the lemon juice gave the whole dish a refreshing way to start a meal. Each fish had the infuse of the smokey taste you expect.

With our smoked fish salad we decide to have this with Mozzarella on Garlic Bread (£3.75). A warm toasted garlic french bread with melted mozzarella bread.

For the main, we choice from the mix of pasta and Stef’s specilaities. I had the Alla Livornese (£9.95) – Italian spicy sausage and broccoli in a light tomato sauce. The sausages I did not consider it to be spicy, I do not have any memory that it was spicy at all. But this was a tasty pasta dish.

The pasta I do recommend is the Alla Sphia Loren (£12.95) – Prawn, mussels and calamari in a light tomato and lobster sauce. This was a beautiful dish that was tasty which we thought it was just as good as Jamie’s Italian prawn linguine. The sauce was indeed as it said, infused with a taste of lobster.

The Stef’s specialities had a range of dishes which are great for those who do not feel like having pasta or pizza. There are a choice of steak, chicken breast, veal, pan-fried duck breast, salmon and pan-fried scampi. We choice the Tagliata di Manzo con Rucola (£15.95) – Sliced sirloin steak with rosemary, garlic, olive oil and rocket which was topped with parmesan shaving. This was served with seasonal vegetable and potatoes.

We finished our Italian dinner with desserts and there got to something for everyone on the range of desserts on the menu. I found it hard to decide which desserts to go for but finally I decided on the Panna Cotta (£4.75), that was a creamy vanilla dessert topped with strawberry coulis. The verdict was that it was  indeed creamy and full of vanilla flavour. A beautiful yummy dessert that was not too heavy to end a meal.

Other desserts that was ordered on our table was the Creme Caramel (£4.75) which came beautifully presented in a glass with sugar around the edge

Crespoline in Amaretto (£4.95) – a sweet pancake rolled with amaretto ice cream and crushed almonds. The pancake was not soft as I thought it to be, instead it was slightly crispy but went well with the amaretto ice cream. It was full of amaretto flavour and would be a dessert I might decide to have at my next visit.

The service was excellent that evening as every one of the waiter was very friendly and Stef is everyone favourite. I called the Panna Cotta for my dessert which came with a long slim spoon to eat the dessert. But Stef provided me a separate spoon well before because he knew I would want to try all the other dessert that was ordered on the table. I indeed was and did try all the other desserts on the table.

We spent around about £25 per person with drink (no wine) which was almost like a 3 course meal, although we shared our starters. There is no service charge included on the bill. But how much you spend will depend what you order. If you do decide to go to Stef’s then you might want to check out on OpenTable ( to see if there are any offers.

3 Berners Street,


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