Royal China 皇朝 (Harrow-on-the-Hill) – Dinner

The first time I tried the recently opened 2010 Royal China Harrow-on-the-Hill branch, it was for lunch having dim sums ( For my second visit it was for dinner, so does it have the same standards as their other branch.

It was relatively quiet with a few diners on a weekday. But as it got through the night more diners filled the restaurant. As we entered the door we were shown a table.

There was a main menu and a separate menu with some chef special dishes. The main menu seem very average and it was the same as the one I saw when I was last having dinner at the Baker Street branch.

We ordered a triple BBQ meat (三拼燒味), with roast duck, crispy belly pork and roast pork (char siu) – £12.00. This came with plum sauce dipping for the roast duck and another dipping for the crispy belly pork which had half mustard and half sugar. Both these dipping really give the roast meat a different taste to them. I was actually surprise on the mustard and sugar dipping, as it was the first time to have this with my belly pork. The combination of mustard and sugar with the crispy belly pork was nice with a sweet sugary taste. The mustard was not spicy at all when you mixed it with the sugar.

The presentation was beautiful as I would expect from Royal China. But the crispy belly pork was disappointed as the skin was more tough than really being crispy.

Pak Choi (a type of chinese vegetable) stir-fried with shrimp cake (白菜炒魚餅)  – £10.80. This was another beautiful presented dish with the shrimp cake layered on top a bed of pak choi. The taste did not disappoint as well.

From the chef special menu we ordered the goose web with chinese mushroom in abalone sauce (鮑汁鵝掌煲) – £18.00.  This was a hot pot dish and came on a burner. This dish was bubbling away beautifully. Hidden underneath the chinese mushroom and the goose web was some vegetable that looked and taste like spinach.

We had all three dishes with steamed rice which cost £2.50 per person. We got a bowl of rice to share between the table but we would have love to have a lid to cover the rice so it would not get cold too quickly.

For drinks we ordered Chinese tea each which we were charged £2.70 per person. In total dinner for 3 person the total bill came to £60.41 (including a 12% service charge). This is definitely more expensive than your average Chinese restaurant in many London Chinatown. But at Royal China you expect to cost you in return for above average service and excellent quality food in presentation as well as taste.
As I have previously dined at their other branches in London for lunch and dinner, it was always the case I would make a comparison. So with that in my mind I found that the service at Harrow does not compare to Baker Street, as it seem to vary. But overall the food was good. With the price in mind this definitely will have to be a restaurant where dinner is a treat or for a special occasion.
Royal China Restaurant (Harrow-on-the-Hill)
148-150 Station Road

2 thoughts on “Royal China 皇朝 (Harrow-on-the-Hill) – Dinner

  1. I didn’t realise Royal China had spread their wings to Harrow. It’s so new that it isn’t even on their website. Great blog btw and it’s great to see another Phoenix Palace fan.

    • Thank you for your comment and visiting. Well now you know there is one in Harrow. I can’t wait until the Westfield branch open. Yep, Phoenix Palace is fab…lovin it 🙂

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