Fire and Stone (Westfield)

Fire and Stone is a pizza restaurant that has a twist, as it does not serve up the usual Italian pizza topping. Instead it provide you pizza using ingredients to represent different part of the world. 

It has been a while since I dine at Fire and Stone, which use to only have one restaurant in Covent Garden ( Since Westfield shopping centre has opened they have now got a second London branch there which is located at one end of Southern Terrace. Fire and Stone used to be a cheap eat with it range of special offer, the best one use to be the Sunday special offer. There are still a range of special offers which you can get if you book online – check their website out for the latest range of offers. Unless it is a last-minute decision to dine at Fire and Stone, then I would advise to consider going for one of the special offers. 

Having being around the Westfield shopping centre, we decided to go to Fire and Stone for dinner as a last-minute choice bearing in mind that we had 10% off. 

We had two starters: 

Crisp fried calamari rings with tartare sauce and lemon, costing £5.50 a portion. There was a few rockets on the side which give it better colouring to the dish. 


Garlic oil & mozzarella pizza bread – £2.95, which a freshly made bread with full of garlic flavour and the melted mozzarella. 


For the main, we choice a pizza each. I went for one of the Australasia influence pizza – the Cranberra (£9.45) which has always seem to be my favourite with the rosemary roast potatoes. This pizza contain tomato sauce, mozzarella, roast chicken breast, mushrooms, garlic and rosemary potatoes. All this is topped with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, sprinkle with some chopped chives. 


Others had an Asian influence pizza – Peking (£9.45) which was a pizza that contained Hoi Sin sauce, mozzarella, shredded duck topped with spring onions and cucumber ribbons. 


Fire and Stone (Westfield branch)
Ariel Way, 
Shepherds Bush, 
W12 7GE


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