Cia Baby Cucina

When looking for a restaurant to have dinner on the Southern Terrace of London Westfield shopping centre, we came across Cia Baby Cucina.

As I entered the restaurant, I saw on my left was a shelve full of Italian groceries. It reminded me a bit of Carluccio which also have Italian grocery items. But Cia Baby Cucina gave me that warmer feeling, maybe of the dim lighting. The tables and chairs are wooden, with one side with tables that have coach seating that was available.

 The menu did  impress me with its large range of dishes to choose from. As well as pasta and pizza, you can order grills. There was also a few fish dishes that I would be interesting to try in another visit to Cia Baby Cucina. But for a first visit I wanted to try something more familiar.

For the started we shared a garlic and cheese focaccia – flat bread baked in pizza oven. It looked beautiful but lacked flavour. I could taste a slight garlic flavour but it was missing something in the taste. If it was not for the disappointment in the lack of taste this would be a beautiful garlic bread which came to our table hot. A freshly baked flat bread smell nice.

For the main we went for a mix of a pasta and a pizza. The pasta had to be the best of the evening, Penne alla salsiccia – Italian pork sausage, tomato and a touch of a cream. This was a tasteful pasta that I recommend to try. The sauce was wonderful as I prefer a tomato sauce that does not give you that zingy taste. But creamy with a hint of tomato taste to it.

The pizza we went for the Pescatora that had clams, mussels, calamari, shrimps, tomato, mozzarella and herbs. It was a beautiful looking freshly baked pizza but as like the flat bread we had for our starter it was lacking flavour. Although black pepper was sprinkled over the pizza we felt it was missing something to the taste.

Overall the flat bread and the pizza was disappointing. The lack of flavour let them down. But the pasta I did enjoy and would love to have that dish again.

For the service it was avergae, we had two waiters serving us as we had a new staff was training alongside. In terms of price it average, a price smiliar to a typical Italian resturants such as the big Chain Zizzi. However, un-like Ziizi the menu choice is just more then pasta and pizza at Cia Baby Cucina.

Cia Baby Cucina
Westfield shopping centre (London)
Ariel Way,
Shepherd’s Bush,
W12 7GF


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