Royal China 皇朝 (Harrow-on-the-Hill)

Royal China is a well known Chinese restaurant to many people in the UK, which has many branches over London – Baker Street, Queensway (Bayswater), Riverside (Canary Wharf) and Fulham. Now it has recently opened a new branch in the area of Harrow-in-the-Hill.

For those familiar with the area it has taken half the shop that used to be Golden Palace Chinese restaurant. But Golden Palace has not disappear it has re-opened taking the other half and is right next to Royal China. Now the area of Harrow-on-the-Hill offer people different choices to yum char.

When we walked in the interior had that Royal China feel that give them that brand icon. This branch used a more maroon red colour touch. I felt it had a more modern touch to the other branch but still able to keep it feel of being at a Royal China restaurant. There was a queue for a table to yum char but it is expected for a Bank Holiday Monday.

The main dim sum menu was like a brochure, which has beautiful pictures that make you want to order them. There is a variety of dim sums as well noodle and rice.

We ordered Roast pork puff (叉燒酥) and egg tart. Both came and taste as the standard you will expect from Royal China.


Fried squid paste (墨魚餅) and siu mai (燒賣)

Black bean chicken feets (豉汁蒸鳳爪)

The Lotus paste steamed bun which was shaped of a so bao (birthday bun) – 蓮蓉壽包 (ling yung so bao). Buns filled with lotus paste with egg yolk. The bun was fluffy and the lotus paste give it that sweet taste.

In addition to this menu, there is a glossy chef special dim sum menu. This is one that I cannot miss as it is so exciting to be able to try dim sum that you do not usually find on a London dim sum menu. We ordered the layered steamed sponge cake (ma lai go), which had a marbled design on top.

The papaya fungus dessert (木瓜雪耳糖水), which has papaya, almond and fungus in a sweet rock sugar soup. It was OK but I was slightly disappointed, as this dish I had tasted better in other Royal China branches.

The different to other branches is that there was roast kitchen next to the glass wine chiller. Where a glass window had hanging various Chinese BBQ roast meat – roast duck, chicken, roast pork and crispy pork. The roast pork and the soya chicken looked good. So we ordered a two platter BBQ roast rice with the roast pork and soya chicken. It tasted as good as it look. 

Overall, the food and service was satisfied. probably better than many Chinese restaurant in the local area. This will be a branch I will go again if I was in the area again. I am looking forward to another new branch to be opening soon at Westfield shopping centre – yes, I saw the Royal China name and the logo that it expected to open this summer at Westfield shopping centre on the Southern Terrace.

Update (Jan 2011) – Apparently, where Royal China was suppose to be in Westfield shopping centre on the Southern Terrace is now a Busabi Eathai instead.

Royal China Restaurant (Harrow-on-the-Hill)
148-150 Station Road


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