Lola’s cupcake

There are many departments in London Selfridges that I do like to walk around and cosmetics is definitely one of them. But another is the foodhall where it has slowly gone through some updates with new counters. One of these is the Lola’s cupcake bar, where you can buy beautifully decorated cupcakes to either eat in or to take away.

The Lola’s colourful counter really does catch my eyes. I just like to look at all the variety of cupcakes placed on the glass shelve. Many times I just look and walk away saying one day I have to try. Finally this time I get to try these beautiful decorated cupcakes and take them home with me.

There are many flavours to choose – vanilla, banana, chocolate, strawberry etc. I was tempted to try Lola’s red velvet cupcake and make a comparison with Hummingbird bakery’s red velvet. But I wanted to try the cookie & cream and the limited edition Gu chocolate cupcakes.

They were packaged in a pretty paper box, where inside each of the cupcakes are put in a designated stand with cupcakes hole. Although they look fixed in a stand, you still need to be careful when you transporting them home. My cookie & cream cupcakes had managed to come out of it stand and was laying on its side when I un-packaged them. Lucky not too much damage to take a photo of them to share with you all.

The cookie & cream I thought was really cutely decorated with a mini Oreo biscuit on each cupcake. This will give you the hint what this cupcake is made – oreo cake topped with oreo buttercream. I was not that keen in the taste of this particular cupcakes. I found the cake texture like bread and the taste of it like flour. The buttercream was very sweet and buttery. Although I combined the cake with the buttercream to eat, I could not find the taste of a Oreo biscuit. Maybe I am not a big fan of Oreo biscuits but have to say the only thing I found nice about the cookie & cream cupcake was only the mini Oreo biscuits placed on top of the cupcake.

My favourite have to be the limited edition Gu Chocolate cupcake. The cake tasted like chocolate brownies with tiny chocolate chunks and the texture was like a fluffy cake. The top had a creamy chocolate mousse which provided you with a wonderful rich chocolate taste. Put it all together it was a chocolate delight to indulge in. Close your eyes you could be thinking that you indulging in a Gu chocolate puds.

These tiny cupcakes do not come cheap, as they cost for take away £1.25 each and for the ‘average’ cupcake size are priced at £2.25. But cupcakes usually do not come cheap but you got to give it for the beautiful decoration.

LOLA’s Cupcake Bar (Selfridges)
400 Oxford Street,


3 thoughts on “Lola’s cupcake

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  2. Have you tried Hummingbird’s Bakery at South Kent or Portobello Road? They make delightful cupcakes =) Do give it a go if you haven’t yet!

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