Birthday 2010 feast with Bincho + Patisserie Valerie

I seem to feel it is hard to find a good restaurants with atmosphere that is perfect for a birthday. A suggestion was to have dinner after work at Bincho – a restaurant that specialised in yakitori. Full review can be found in an earlier blog review –

It was a great suggestion as the restaurant decoration is warm and it was buzzing with people in the evening.

Yakitori sticks

It has been a while since I have dine at Bincho, but the food and service still keeping on top with it. We ordered a variety of Yakitori and my favourite of the evening was the Tai (Sea Bream). The fish was cooked just right – silky flaky flesh.

Along with yakitori we also ordered a portion of Tori tatsuta-age (deep fried marinated chicken with ponzu), Oyako-don (chicken and egg with spring onion) and Yaki-onigiri (grilled rice cake with seaweed).

Although, there was a cake for a birthday surprise. We could not leave Bincho without eating their dessert – especially the soya milk doughnuts.

But the birthday cake was really tasty – a strawberry gateau, from London well known Patisserie Valerie. A soft sponge cake that is layered with fresh cream and strawberries. Decorated outside was more fresh cream and strawberries. The side coevered with roasted nuts. I love the strawberries, sweet strawberry taste.

16 Old Compton Street

Patisserie Valerie


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