Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

When you shopping for hours do you ever get to the point where you would like to get a bite to eat before you carry on again with more shopping. So my latest find is Auntie Anne’s pretzels which are great tasty snack to have, which has originated in the US and now come over to the UK. The smell that just seem to aroma the area just make you curious what is this scent.

Each ones are freshly handmade – rolled and baked in to soft pretzels. There are the choice of savory or sweet pretzels. Where the savory pretzels you can have original, salt & pepper, cheese, garlic & sour cream, sesame or jalapeno. In the sweet pretzels choice you have cinnamon, raisin, almond, vanilla sugar or chocolate. If you are not in to getting one of the big fancy twisted pretzel you can also go for other sweet pretzels choices of pretzel stix or the pretzel dog.

We ordered the pretzel stix, one with cinnamon and another with vanilla sugar. Warm soft pretzels coated with a sugar coating either tasting of cinnamon or vanilla. It was like eating a warm sweet bread. A nice on the go snack to have but make sure you have some wet tissues or a toilet to go and wash your hand after. The sugar coating goes over your finger making it sticky. But it does taste delicious. The cinnamon stix is my favourite, as a person who do like cinnamon.

Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels website:


One thought on “Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

  1. We’re so glad you found Auntie Anne’s, and we enjoyed reading your delightful blog post! As an FYI for your future travel, Auntie Anne’s has more than 1,050 locations worldwide, and 8 of these locations are in the UK! Please feel free to use our Store Locator at to find the other locations.

    Happy Snacking!
    Shannon Zimmerman
    Auntie Anne’s, Inc.
    Lancaster, PA

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