Dragon City (龍城) – Loon Fung

There are many Chinese restaurants serving dim sums around various areas of London. You do not have to go to Central London to eat dim sums. There are some where you find some fancy dim sums but there are some where it stick to being simple and serve the familiar tradition dim sum. Dragon City Chinese restaurant is the latter to best describe its dim sums menu.

The restaurant is located above Loon Fung Chinese supermarket (Alpherton branch), which makes it a convenient place for those who want to do some Chinese grocery shopping and grab lunch as well. It is similar to Wing Yip supermarket  (Staples Corner branch) where you also have the choice to yum char at Wing Tai restaurant (https://chechemui.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/wing-tai-restaturant/), so another choice for people.

This place has recently open up again after having to closed for period of time. It has now been refurnished giving the whole restaurant a new face lift. It looks much brighter and they have now opened up what once was a private dining room giving the restaurant a more open space.

When we arrived the restaurants was fairly busy with people munching away in to their dim sums on a sunny weekend. It was not a full house and was seated straight a way.

Like in the past at Dragon City you place your dim sums order on a menu you are provided, which you then hand to a waiter who will put it through to the kitchen. The menu is simple with both dim sums in both Chinese and English. You will find most of the common tradition dim sums. If you are those who like a simple and short menu then Dragon City is the place to try.

We ordered siu mai (pork dumpling) which is one of the most common tradition dim to order. You have to excuse me of the photo as you do get 4 siu mai in a portion. But as my dad could wait and took one when it arrived at our table.

Another common dim sum is the roast pork puff pastry, which you will usually get 3 in a portion. I took a picture of one before I ate it as yet again my dad grabbed one when it arrived at our table. He did have one hungry stomach.

We ordered two different cheung fun. One is the crispy dough chueng fun, which are great to go with congee (Chinese rice porridge).

The other cheung fun we ordered you do not often see in many restaurant is what they called here the Dragon City special cheung fun. There are other Chinese restaurant that also do a similar type of cheung fun. It is a deep fried beancurd sheet filled with prawns and vegetables that is then wrapped in cheung fun. It give you a slightly crispy texture from the deep fried beancurd when you bite in it. It goes well with the sweet soya sauce.

Also another tradition dim sums is the black bean chicken feet, which probably not for everyone’s appertie. I found the black bean chicken feet at Dragon City too red for me, which signal that too much colouring has been used. If they thought it would make it look nicer to eat then it did not make any justice to eat because it did the complete opposite. But apart from the colouring it taste as you would expect from this dish.
Overall the food was OK. I would not say any of the dim sums stand out in any way to make it special. The food taste as it should and that you can eat.
My only criticism is the service at Dragon City is lacking. Having previously had dim sum here the service does vary but as this particular dining experience it just highlight that some of the waiters lack training as they do not seem to know what certain dishes are. We ordered the Dragon City special cheung fun but was served a char siu cheung fun which we did not order. It was obvious they looked different but the waiter served it to us, and then marked on our copy of the dim sum order sheet that we had received the Dragon City special cheung fun. I asked another waiter do they think the char siu cheung fun was the Dragon City special cheung fun. Which of course they answered no and brought us the correct one.
With one mistake it can easily cause points off for a restaurant. But apart from this one incident after having lunch a few times I would not kill off this place to never go again.
Dragon City (龍城)
1 Glacier Way,
London HA0 1HQ
(Above Loon Fung Alperton Chinese supermarket)

2 thoughts on “Dragon City (龍城) – Loon Fung

  1. hi, i’ve been to Dragon City before the refurbishment and i enjoyed the food and service was good. But after reading your review i am a bit wary of returning. is there any good dim sum place to recommend near by? which dim sum place would you say was the best in london?

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