If you after a Japanese restaurant in London that serves traditional Japanese food then you have the choice of Ten Ten Tai (review can be found here  or Sakura. They currently in my book as the two Japanese restaurant on the top of my list for traditional Japanese food.

Sakura is a one floor restaurant located on a side street of Regent Street. A few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station. In the evening you will find the restaurant atmosphere is buzzing with people. The waiting lounge with be crowded with people waiting for a table.

There are a large range of dishes to choose from such as a range of bento boxes, rice don, noodles and sushi. They also have a range of set dinner, just like Ten Ten Tai, where you can get starters, main and dessert. Great for those hungry stomach!

That evening I went for the Oyako don which is a Japanese rice dish that has chicken, egg and spring onions sitting on a bed of rice. This is a common dish that you will find served at a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Being at a Japanese resturant then sushi is one thing that many people will think about. Sakura is just like Ten Ten Tai where you there are a range of sushi to order. You will not find any fancy sushi that you see at these ‘new’ modern Japanese resturants. But instead we back to the basic traditional Japanese sushi and sometime basic is wonderful.

We went for one of the sushi set and got two plates of yummy sushi. Each comes with some wasabi and pickles on the side.

Sakura does do nice Japanese food but if you compare against portion size and the price on some of the rice don than Ten Ten Tai is a little cheaper. At Ten Ten Tai you get the option on some of the rice and noodles to go large for extra cost. However, if you want sushi then I recommend Sakura.

The service at Sakura is average, it has its up and down. Do not expect to be sitting around when you finish eating because like many traditional restaurant they will be wanting to turn as many table around, especially if there is a queue for tables.

Sakura restaurant
9 Hanover Street,


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