Asadal Korean Restaurant (Holborn)

We were suppose to go to Arang for Korean but when we arrived we were told there was no BBQ tables left. So if you want to go to Arang then make sure you book before going there!  It is a popular place for people to dine or celebrate birthday. So it will have to wait until next time to share you a review on Arang.

As we still wanted Korean we went to Asadal in London Holborn. It is usually fairly quiet place but to our surprise it was a busy Friday night. But as I did a phone call before travelling over to Holborn from Piccadilly Circus to reserve a table (a good idea!)

When I think of Korean food I always think of BBQ. I just love having food cook in the middle of the BBQ table. So of course that evening we called some beef and pork for BBQ that we wrapped in lettuce, with some Korean bean paste. If you are daring then you can add a clove of garlic but that evening I really did not want to have the aroma of garlic for the next few days 😛

Before our BBQ we started with our favourite Par Jeon which is a Korean pancake with spring onions and oyster mix in batter and then pan fried. Along with this we also went for the spicy crispy chicken and another Korean food I like is Korean Rice Cake in spicy sauce. I just love the texture of the rice cake – chewy! It is mix in spicy sauce with some fish cake.

After our BBQ, our rice arrived which we had Korean famous Bimbimbab, which is a rice that comes in a hot-pot.  Usually it will come with white rice at the bottom and beautiful presented of beef and vegetable on top and a cooked egg on top. Then some chilli sauce will be add to it and then you mix everything together. Ready to eat! In most my experience usually the waiter/waitress will ask how many chilli sauce you want and do the mixing for you. But even to my surprise we were given less then a spoonful of chilli sauce and left to mix it ourself. Maybe because they were busy?! or a new way to leave it to ourself to whether we want to mix it or not?!

Asadal is a downstairs restaurant which you will find right next to Holborn tube station. So a very convenient place to get to.

The restaurant itself has a dark atmosphere with very dim lighting, with the decor being sleek wooden kinda feeling.

The service at Asadal is up and down. You can go one evening to find satisfying service but another evening is not so satisfying. This very evening the service was OK but I have had better. But that could be a busy night can make a different to services.

Asadal (Holborn)
227 High Holborn


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