Med Kitchen (Covent Garden branch)

Happy New Year 2010!  

Christmas 2009 has been busy and I have not had the time to update this blog until now…..  

Before finishing work for 2009 went to celebrate a team Christmas lunch at Med Kitchen in Covent Garden. We all went for the Christmas menu which is a 3 course set dinner. Each course has various dishes to choose to cater for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eater.  

For starter, I went for the marinated prawns which came with red chilli, lemon and rocket. It was a refreshing salad and not too spicy. It just has a kick of fire to it.   


For the main course I went for the traditional roast norfolk turkey which came with stuffing, bacon sausage, roast potatoes and some vegetable. This actually was a filling dish compare to some of the other choices under the second course.  The turkey was cooked quite well and not dry at all. It was just right with some splash of gravy over it.  


For dessert, I went fo the cinnamon apple crumble with vanilla pod ice cream. If I could choose again then I probably would go for the baileys chocolate pot. The apple crumble I found it too crumbling, as it had nuts as well as biscuits crumbles. This course was my least favourite!

The service at this branch was OK but the seating arrangement was really tight. It is hard to have a good meal if the seat are so tight that you can hardly breath!     

Med Kitchen (Covent Garden)
50-51 st martin’s lane
wc2n 4ea  


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