John Lewis (Brent Cross Branch) High Tea

The other day went to have lunch at John Lewis (Brent Cross branch) and my favourite is their crepes. But they have added a high tea at the cold counter. A two tier high tea which came with a pot of tea.

The bottom tier had 3 different sandwiches – smoked salmon on brown bread, cucumber on white bread and tomatoes on white bread. Instead of butter the sandwiches was spread with margarine which was too strong for me. It is not like these days to use margarine for sandwiches. On the same bottom tier there was a pot of strawberry jam and thick cream (or is cream cheese but it do not have much cream cheese taste), which both should be for the scones on the top plate.

The top tier was the sweet pastries, which included a strawberry cream tart, almond slice, chocolate roll cake and two different type of scones (one plain and another with raisin).  I found the cakes very sweet, especially the chocolate roll cake. I only had half of it and that was enough sugar for me.

I probabaly only have it once to try but would not return to it. This high tea was not for me which disappointed me.


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