Chop Chop Noodle Bar

After hours of shopping and spending away at Westfield shopping centre, you then realise that it is time to feed your stomach. You want something that  is quick and cheap but will also fill you hungry stomach then how about head down to Chop Chop Noodle Bar?

There is one in London White City/Hammersmith which is  near Shepard Bush tube station and only a few minutes walk from Westfield shopping centre. So very convenient to head to grab some Chinese food either for takeaway or eat in.

The noodle bar reminded me very much of Hong Kong’s cafes or like Hong Kong dai pai dong (), in the decor. The chairs, table and layout all gave that feel. But of course the menu is not the same. Each table had a plastic laminated menu laid out, along with a pen and paper form. Just like in some Chinese restaurant when you order dim sum you mark how many portion of which dishes or drinks you want. Then hand it to the waiter to put it in for you. In minutes you will have your food on you table.

There are a range of noodles and rice to order which most are priced at £3.90. I did scanned through the menu and there was no rice or noodle dishes you would pay more than £3.90.  There are also a selection of side orders that you can order which cost no more than £2.90. But where you will be paying more is the drink, which is expected (although you could just order food and grab a drink for the local store next door or even bring you own bottle of drink to have after you pay and out of the noodle bar!).

Chop Chop Noodle Bar menu

We ordered a fried ho fun with beef in black bean sauce – unlike in many Chinese restaurant you have the fried ho fun top with beef in black bean sauce. This one was all mixed together with the onions and green pepper. This was not the best dish and I have had better (a lot better!). The roast duck fried rice was a bowl of fried rice served with some roast duck and gravy. There was some chinese leaf sitting underneath of the roast duck which I just about made out it was there. The roast duck of course is no way compared to the one you get from London Chinatown. The fried rice was one with no soya sauce but just fried egg mixed with boiled rice. When I had it some of the rice was crispy which make me think that there is a batch sitting heating or of course many other reasons I can think of.

The dish which would be the best is the noodle soup. We called the seafood soup noodle, one with ramen type noodle and another with ho fun (shown in photo below). The amount ho fun you get is not small. I would have to say it was more than the fried ho fun with beef in black bean sauce. In the seafood noodle soup you get two king prawns, slices of fish cake, sliced chinese mushroom, one crab sticks, squid and some vegetable (green beans, chinese leaf and bamboo shoots).


As well as ordering main dishes we did try one of their side dishes. We called the butterfly king prawn which also known as king prawn in breadcrumbs. This came with a sweet chilli sauce dip. This was better than many places I have but I know I have had better.

Chop Chop Noodle Bar I think it is really cheap. It might not produce everything to my top quality food standard but what I will say it that what you pay is what you get.

56 Uxbridge Rd,
W12 8LP

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