Café Rouge (Wellington St, Covent Garden)

If you want some French in UK then try Cafe Rouge which has branch around London and around in the UK.

Cafe Rouge_Covent Garden

The first time I visit Cafe Rouge in the Wellington branch was a Christmas team dinner with colleagues. The atmosphere was wonderful for having a Christmas dinner. Although it was cold outside, inside it was buzzing with people making it so warm. So visiting the same Cafe Rouge branch with friends it remind me of that December evening.

My starters I usually do not think about being in a French themed restaturant, I will start with a traditional French onion soup which is always my favourite because it comes with gruyère crouton. Which is a bread with melt cheese. It goes well the onion soup itself.

Cafe Rouge French Onion soup

The main there a range of dishes to choose, from pasta to duck or steak. I had a chicken with leek and mash which was like a stew. It is nice when you want some soft and moist which I call comfort food. It is nice to have in cold weather. I would not say there was anything special about the dish.

Then we finished it off with dessert and we all called something different. So we got to try a bit of everyone dessert. I had the TarteTatin which is a caramelised apple tart sserved with vanilla ice cream. This just felt like another apple dessert which did not give me thast Woah factor. It was nothing special. The other desserts we called included the banana pancake and a meringue dessert. But my favourite of the night was the Trio de Creme Brulee, where you get all 3 different creme brule – fresh raspberry, dark chocolate and classic vanilla.

Cafe Rouge_Trio de Creme Brulée

I would not say it is the best French restaturant but price is an average and with the branch I went the food quality is OK. But with a chain restaturnat I never expect that much from it becasue chains always looses something…..


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